ICT4AG Handbook (Anglais)

ICT4AG Handbook (Anglais)

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Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been used in the development sector for a substantial amount of time. ICTs have got mainstreamed as a tool to achieve development goals, including in the Sustainable Development goals. In the agriculture sector, extension services have been the primary way for farmers to receive information about agriculture technologies and innovation. ICTs have the potential to amplify the efforts of the extension agents who work directly on the ground with farmers. Use of ICTs in agricultural programmes is called ICT4Ag.

It includes the whole suite of ICTs that are available, which can be applied to agriculture across the entire value chain from sourcing inputs for crop cultivation to selling it in the market.

This handbook gives an overview of a broad range of technologies and can be useful for professionals engaged in agriculture extension, organizations working with smallholder farmers, implementors, donors and other public sector partners. Those interested in the use ICTs for development may also find the content relevant. Though this handbook is particularly aimed at agricultural professionals in Bangladesh, for sharing the various initiatives in Bangladesh and across the developing world, it can be used as a reference document by anyone having interest
in the field.

Read this handbook, produced by Digital Green for the Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) project: https://www.digitalgreen.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ICT4Ag-Handbook-DLEC_Bangladesh_2019.pdf

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