Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook

Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook

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This sourcebook is meant to equip development and communication professionals with a useful set of guidelines, reference materials and learning resources to apply communication in rural development initiatives.

The main goal is to enable readers to design and implement rural communication strategies combining participatory methods with communication processes, media and tools best suited for a specific situation. In particular, the sourcebook aims to develop the following capacities in ComDev:

1. Identifying the phases and steps in communication planning for development.
2. Conducting situational analysis and participatory communication appraisal in the field.
3. Developing a workable communication strategy and plan of action.
4. Facilitating multistakeholder dialogue and collaboration to successfully
implement ComDev activities.
5. Designing, pre-testing, producing and using multimedia ComDev materials.
6. Assessing the results of ComDev initiatives and promoting long-term
7. Understanding ComDev as it applies to agriculture and rural development

Read this resource from the Food and Agriculture Organization from the United Nations:

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