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Audio resource on education and safe employment for youth in the coffee industry

The region of Ixil in Guatemala is one of the poorest coffee-growing regions in the world. Low literacy rates and child labour have long plagued the population. In honour of the World Day Against Child Labour, FAO has created this audio resource about promoting education and safe youth employment in the coffee industry. You can listen to this resource in English and French. This audio content is free to download, broadcast, and publish.

A solar powered radio station broadcasting at the heart of the forest on the initiative of Hope International for Tikar People

One hundred years after the invention of Radio, this technology remains an essential tool in the education of peoples, especially the poor. This is demonstrated by Radio Taboo, a new radio station powered by solar energy in the village of Nditam on the Tikar Plain, Ngambé Tikar Subdivision, Mbam and Kim Division of the Centre region of Cameroon. The methods applied by those in charge of this radio station are

Pambazuko: a radio series to discuss health & human rights

A radio series entitled “Pambazuko” has taken the airwaves in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo. Produced by Population Media Center (PMC), with support from the network of the Hirondelle Foundation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Global Affairs Canada, UNICEF, DKT International, UNAIDS, the US Embassy, the Segal Family Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute, this series aims to change behaviors towards human rights and health issues. The approach is educational, but also entertaining as everyday life events are