Distance learning via radio for rural communities in Somalia

Overcoming COVID-19 restrictions through adaptive measures that facilitate access to agricultural and nutrition knowledge This promising practice factsheet documents a new distance learning initiative in Somalia through radio launched in 2020 by FAO to respond to public health threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, complementing cash+ activities and replacing face-to-face beneficiary training. Through this initiative, FAO sought to continue developing rural communities’ capacities to mitigate shocks, especially those compounded by

PAFO annual report, 2021

PAFO has shared their annual report for 2021. It features the following information: Internal activities Studies carried out by PAFO Partnerships Memorandum of Understanding between PAFO and COLEACP United Nations Food Systems Summit United Nations Decade of Family Farming Activities are undertaken in 2021 Outstanding issues and planning for 2021 You access the full report here:

PAFO Innovation Series: Catalyzing young African agri-entrepreneurs’ investments (session 8)

As part of their ongoing Innovation Series, PAFO held a session on February 3, 2022 focused on “catalyzing young African agri-entrepreneurs’ investments.” Key points for discussion were as follows: What are the drivers of success of youth-led SMEs in the agrifood sector: what innovations, technologies, knowledge and finance do they need and attract? How can we upscale youth-led investments and rural youth enterprises? What incentives can be provided to attract

Patricia Kasoki, one of three winners of the 2022 George Atkins Communications Award

Patricia Kasoki is a proactive, dynamic broadcaster at Radio communautaire et environnementale de Kanyabayonga (RCEKA-FM) in North Kivu, DRC, where she has worked for two years. Ms. Kasoki is curious by nature, with a passion for working with local communities, and says this is what motivated her to begin broadcasting. She is also a self-proclaimed feminist activist, and before beginning her own programs, she was often invited by other stations

African Women Speak Out for Agroecology

To mark International Women’s Day 2022 with its theme Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, the African Women’s Collaborative for Healthy Food Systems has shared an article entitled “African Women Speak Out for Agroecology.” This grew out of a storytelling project in five African countries and is a useful resource for celebrating the contribution of peasant and indigenous women to healthy food systems in Africa. The Collaborative is a

Financing agricultural value chains to empower rural women

The Pan-African Farmers Organization has published a new report on financing agricultural value chains to empower rural women. The farmers organizations united within PAFO, as the most inclusive agricultural institutions, are committed to empowering rural women engaged in the agrosilvopastoral and fisheries sector. They offer them spaces for advocacy around the concerns of farmers from the local to the global level and to help ensure their effective participation in various


FACTSHEET                                                                                                               SOCIAL MEDIA CARD Click HERE to download the factsheet               Click HERE to download the card RADIO SYNOPSIS Radio: Radio Rurales  Language of Production: Ewe  Duration: 10m47′  Short description of the Radio feature Radio Rurales focused on the importance of a NAP and how local farmers contribute to realization of this 10-year resolution on family farming. The production looks at the role of Government, FAO, and Civil society organizations in


FACTSHEET                                                                                                    SOCIAL MEDIA CARD Click HERE to download the factsheet                Click HERE to download the card RADIO SYNOPSIS Radio: Byta FM  Language of Production: Chitonga Duration: 9m29′  Short description of the Radio feature Byta FM looks at Agri-biodiversity and the benefits of the science, and how it preserves Mother Nature. The production also highlights how Agri-biodiversity has made it possible for ordinary households in Zambia to have access to healthy


FACTSHEET                                                                                                          SOCIAL MEDIA CARD Click HERE to download the factsheet            Click HERE to download the card RADIO SYNOPSIS Radio: Mviwata fm  Language of Production: Swahili  Duration: 9m13′  Short description of the Radio feature Mvitwata Fm focused on family farming and how it contributes to sustainable farming practices and the reality of climate change. The production introduces broader United Nations ten year family farming resolution and the role of local