Gender-responsive digitalization

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by governments on social distancing and mobility restrictions have contributed to boosting the use of digital technology to bridge some of the physical access gaps. An increasing number of services and extension/information activities

Digital innovation strategy for agrifood systems in Africa

Achieving Zero Hunger, defeating poverty and accelerating sustainable inclusive growth are key objectives pursued by the African continent, particularly in the framework of the UN Agenda 2030 and the African Union Agenda 2063. However, the region has been facing persistent

Distance learning via radio for rural communities in Somalia

Overcoming COVID-19 restrictions through adaptive measures that facilitate access to agricultural and nutrition knowledge This promising practice factsheet documents a new distance learning initiative in Somalia through radio launched in 2020 by FAO to respond to public health threats posed

PAFO annual report, 2021

PAFO has shared their annual report for 2021. It features the following information: Internal activities Studies carried out by PAFO Partnerships Memorandum of Understanding between PAFO and COLEACP United Nations Food Systems Summit United Nations Decade of Family Farming Activities