Youth radio programming: A broadcaster how-to guide

Based on recent research from many parts of the world, the content of more than 70% of radio broadcasting caters to adults. In Africa, the percentage is higher. In a recent study in Nigeria, for example, researchers found that content

Knowing your audience learning module

Farm Radio International has a series of online learning modules for its radio partners addressing radio skills. The most newest module addresses how to know your audience’s needs and use that information to design radio programming. All our modules are

PAFO newsletter July 2023

Read the latest news from PAFO, its activities with partners Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, Andreas Hermes, Akademie AgrarKontakte International, COLEAD and it’s advocacy. Read the newsletter.

Pilot Digital Villages Initiative in Africa

Findings of country assessments and recommendations for effective implementation The Digital Villages Initiative (DVI) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a corporate programme aiming to combat hunger, poverty and inequality by fostering digital rural

Lexicon of radio program production terms

Farm Radio International has developed a list of commonly used radio program production terms in North America, and a few other terms that are used at Farm Radio International that might be useful in understanding how to produce effective radio

IOM Public Communication Campaign Toolkit

IOM has a long-standing track record in delivering effective public communication campaigns to support migrants and migration processes. This practical and cross-cutting toolkit draws on the Organization’s extensive experience and knowledge in this field, offering guidance and tools to strengthen