Young African agripreneurs: Success story and scaling up lessons and innovations

Agriculture is a primal sector to generate income to the growing population and a major contributor to the GDP in Africa. Africa is known as young continent due to the fact that it has the largest number of young population in the world. This young people are energetic, have a fresh mind and innovative spirit. They are ambitious and willing to take initiative to get integrated in development process. Young

How Bamtaare FM created a website to reach more people with local information

Thierno Diop is president and director of Bamtaare Dodel FM (103.4). Located in the department of Podore in the Sene region of Senegal, the station’s frequency reaches a radius of 70 to 100km. According to listeners, this isn’t nearly enough. Mr. Diop recalls, “Many people called me … outside of Senegal, and within. [People] who wanted to listen to local information, who wanted to hear about the situation in our