Radio Programme: Boosting soil fertility in Ghana through microbial fertilizers

As part of the YenKasa Africa radio initiative, we are thrilled to share this week’s feature, which delves into the vital topic “Boosting soil fertility in Ghana through microbial fertilizers”. Read our feature to discover valuable insights and expert advice, and then listen to the recorded program on the YenKasa Africa website in the Ghana local language, Gurune. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and empower your agricultural

Radio programme: How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future

As part of the YenKasa Africa initaitive to showcase radio programs, we are thrilled to share this week’s feature from Farm Radio International’s project, On-Air Dialogues for gender inclusive NbS . It delves into the vital topic “How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future”. Read the feature to discover valuable insights and expert advice, and then listen to Farm Radio International’s recorded program in English.  Don’t miss this opportunity

Meet Djénèbou Traoré: 2024 George Atkins Communication Award winner

Before she became a radio host, Djénèbou Traoré loved listening to Radio Benbakan in Sanankoroba, Mali. She had a passion for radio. Then, in 2006, she decided to get behind the microphone herself. Recently, Mrs. Traoré was recognized for her broadcasting excellence by receiving the George Atkins Communication Award. She is one of three winners for 2024. The George Atkins Communication Award annually honours individual radio broadcasters for their exceptional

Radio Kénédougou: Spotlighting women’s reproductive rights and gender relations

Since 1992, Radio Kénédougou has been a driving force for rural development in Mali’s Sikasso region. With a strong commitment to gender equality, it serves over 400,000 residents within 100 km of the station. The station’s program Ladamou Blon is the runner-up for the 2024 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio. This award recognizes exceptional radio programs that serve women listeners. The programs are celebrated for advancing gender equality, whether

Ugandan broadcaster wins award for radio documentaries on Nature-based Solutions

In 2023, Uganda news anchor Martin Amaiyko Kigongo took on a new challenge—creating 20-minute radio documentaries for Farm Radio International’s “On-Air for Gender-Inclusive Nature-based Solutions” project. Used to delivering news bites, Mr. Kigongo struggled with the unfamiliar format and the difficulties of trying something new. Mr. Kigongo’s persistence paid off in November when he won a national Population Media Award for the best radio program on population and development. Judges

Improving Ghanaian women farmers’ access to agricultural advisory services

When Linda Aduwaa thinks back to last year, one thing stands out: how women in her community were treated. Linda has been farming rice and maize for the past 15 years. The mother of five says that only a year ago, men refused to help with household chores. Women couldn’t own their own land independently of men. They weren’t even able to attend agricultural advisory meetings about improving farming practices

Seeds and storage: How radio reduced post-harvest loss of potatoes in Nigeria

Bitrus Gomas used to regularly lose nearly half his produce. The 51-year-old potato farmer lives in Pankshin Local Government Area in Plateau State in central Nigeria. He is married with four children. Mr. Gomas is not alone. In Nigeria, up to 40 per cent of stored potato seeds are lost within the first three months of storage due to inadequate storage conditions. Post-harvest loss (the loss of crops between harvest and

Farm Radio International Uganda’s “Platform” project transforming agricultural extension services across the country

Once a week, Green Leaf Radio Magazine’s catchy theme song plays on radios across Uganda. As more listeners pour in every week, they are greeted by a number of segments including news and weather, but most importantly tips on how to improve their farming practices. To say that farming in Uganda is vital to the average citizen’s economic security is an understatement : 88 per cent of Ugandan households are involved in the

Youth radio programming: A broadcaster how-to guide

Based on recent research from many parts of the world, the content of more than 70% of radio broadcasting caters to adults. In Africa, the percentage is higher. In a recent study in Nigeria, for example, researchers found that content for youth (defined by the United Nations as 15-24 years old) accounted for a mere 1.4% of airtime. As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization encourages, radio stations

Celebrating rural women on the airwaves

International Day of Rural Women is observed on October 15 every year to recognize their vital role in food systems and rural development. From the production of crops to the processing, preparation and distribution of food, women’s work paid and unpaid feeds their families, communities and the world. However, they do not exercise equal power with men, and therefore earn less income and experience higher food insecurity. To mark and