Are your radio programmes gender inclusive?

Often, broadcasts are designed on the premise that listenership is uniform. However, the audience is diverse, and programmes, therefore, should be responsive to the different expectations of listeners. Gender inequalities can arise  in the professional practices with radio stations, whether

How to create a radio campaign

A campaign is an organized, time-bound effort to convince institutions or individuals to take specific types of actions, or change their attitudes toward a specific topic in a specific way. Campaigns have specific objectives and usually focus on one major

On Air Dialogues: Amplifying rural voices

The 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit aimed to identify solutions that improve livelihoods and food security. Small-scale farmers and rural people should play an essential role in this process. They are the backbone of the global food system, experts in

Guidelines for the production of gender responsive radio broadcasts

Year of publication: 2014 Pages: #15 p. Author: Mahamane, A., Déla Sidi, F., Van der Elstraeten, A.;Office for Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development By Country/Territory: Niger Agrovoc: broadcasting (radio); gender; knowledge management; guidelines; best practices; good practices Abstract: This guide was prepared in Niger by the “Capitalization of good practices