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Seeds and storage: How radio reduced post-harvest loss of potatoes in Nigeria

Bitrus Gomas used to regularly lose nearly half his produce. The 51-year-old potato farmer lives in Pankshin Local Government Area in Plateau State in central Nigeria. He is married with four children. Mr. Gomas is not alone. In Nigeria, up to 40 per cent of stored potato seeds are lost within the first three months of storage due to inadequate storage conditions. Post-harvest loss (the loss of crops between harvest and

Celebrating rural women on the airwaves

International Day of Rural Women is observed on October 15 every year to recognize their vital role in food systems and rural development. From the production of crops to the processing, preparation and distribution of food, women’s work paid and unpaid feeds their families, communities and the world. However, they do not exercise equal power with men, and therefore earn less income and experience higher food insecurity. To mark and

Malian broadcaster serves farmers with informative, interesting, interactive radio programs

Seydou Camara describes himself as a “country lover.” And, as the son of a farmer, he knows a lot about agriculture. These qualities help him to prepare his radio programs, and particularly to prepare for field visits. Mr. Camara has worked at Radio Wassoulou in Yanfolila, Mali, for nearly 10 years, where he is a host. “Naturally, I like to serve people and in my opinion, media is a great

Togolese rice: UGFRTO paves the way for women’s empowerment

Togo’s rice cultivation is experiencing an unparalleled revolution thanks to the Union of Female Rice Producers Groups of Togo (UGFRTO). In the 17th installment of our weekly column “Gems of Family Farms”, we dive into this initiative that goes beyond just boosting agricultural yields. It’s reshaping Togo’s socio-economic landscape, placing women at its core. For those unfamiliar, UGFRTO is a collective organization of women dedicated to rice production in Togo.

Toward harmonious cohabitation between herders and farmers through CNCR's efforts

In Goudiry, nestled within the Tambacounda region and over 600 km away from Dakar, a pressing challenge emerges: how to ensure peaceful coexistence between herders and farmers? Recognizing the gravity of this matter, the Conseil National de Concertation et de Coopération des Ruraux (CNCR) embarked on an initiative, backed in part by the “Joint Sahel Program in Response to the Challenges of COVID-19, Conflicts, and Climate Change (SD3C)”. The CNCR

Q&A on food security and supporting small-scale farmers with IFAD president Alvaro Lario

Farm Radio International’s Executive Director, Kevin Perkins, recently spoke with the president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Alvaro Lario. Mr. Lario was in Ottawa during his first visit to Canada. They spoke about how IFAD is supporting small-scale farmers, how climate change is affecting farmers, and how IFAD is engaging communities in finding solutions to the big challenges they face. The following is an edited, abridged transcript

Zado Chicken: Where tradition and innovation merge to make history

In the vibrant atmosphere of Zogodomey in Benin, a bold initiative is shaping the new era of traditional poultry farming. Zado chickens aren’t just poultry. They embody a symbol of innovation, resilience, and a collaboration that goes beyond the conventional borders of agriculture. Chicken, ever-present in African family meals, has always been central to celebrations and shared moments. However, in Zogodomey, chicken takes on a fresh dimension. Driven by an

Timely broadcasts yield better potato harvests in Nigeria

Mashed potatoes, French fries, hash browns … Potatoes are an integral part of many people’s diet. Potatoes are a staple crop in Nigeria, playing a vital role in food security and nutrition. Potato farming in Nigeria is serious business: the west African country is the fourth-largest producer of potatoes in sub-Saharan Africa. However, Nigerian potato farmers often have low yields compared to regional averages. Why is that? Farmers often use

Yenkasa Africa- UNDFF Regional Awareness Campaign 2021/YenKasa Africa Radio Initiative 2021

A new Yenkasa Africa awareness campaign for the UNDFF has been launched by family farmers’ organizations, FAO, and communication networks and institutions. The theme of the campaign is “Family farming at the heart of sustainable food systems” and it focuses on the contribution of family farming in achieving sustainable food systems. In particular, the campaign will give visibility to the progress of the UNDFF through the National Action Plans, policy

A Kenyan producers’ organization helps a farmer’s avocado business grow

How a producers’ organization helped farmers successfully export avocado to Europe “Before the Forest and Farm Facility Programme (FFF) reached out to us, I faced many challenges in marketing the avocado produce from my farm,” says Paul Mitei, a farmer from Kiptoben Village, Nakuru County, Kenya. Paul says he wanted to know more about how the avocado and tomato value chains worked, and the proper inputs that are critical to