From foliage to fortune: The empowerment of women in Zondoma through non-timber forest products (NTFPs)

In the heart of Burkina Faso, a silent yet powerful revolution is taking shape, transforming the lives of rural women and redefining the management of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). This is the story of the Association for Development through Existing Resources and Services in the Sahel (ADRESSE), an organization that has made the valorization of NTFPs in the Zondoma province a model for sustainable local development and women’s empowerment. This

Radio Kénédougou: Spotlighting women’s reproductive rights and gender relations

Since 1992, Radio Kénédougou has been a driving force for rural development in Mali’s Sikasso region. With a strong commitment to gender equality, it serves over 400,000 residents within 100 km of the station. The station’s program Ladamou Blon is the runner-up for the 2024 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio. This award recognizes exceptional radio programs that serve women listeners. The programs are celebrated for advancing gender equality, whether

From market woman to radio show host

It’s a Monday evening, and Adja Malado Diakité sits down behind the microphone at Radio Wassoulou in Yanfolila in southern Mali. She’s about to deliver her weekly radio program, Mousso djôyôrô, or “the place of women in society.” At first glance, Adja seems like a pro behind the microphone. It’s true that she’s received plenty of training and, at this point, is used to speaking on air. But Adja hasn’t always

Raising women’s voices for food security and gender equality

Too often, our right to information — to make informed decisions about our livelihood and to have a say in the systems that are meant to support us — is overlooked. This is especially true for women who don’t have the same access to information or the same opportunities to be heard and share their knowledge and experiences as men. We know that respecting women’s right to information is essential

EVENT | Raising women’s voices for food security and gender equality

Raising women’s voices for food security and gender equality When: March 29, 11 a.m. ET, 3 p.m. GMT Register: *This bilingual event will have live translation between English and French. On March 29, Farm Radio International will be hosting this bilingual event (French and English live translation) to explore lessons learned which can help development organizations build better projects. Too often, our right to information — to make informed decisions

Women family farmers for the sustainability of food systems and the planet

Rural women are the heart of the countryside and agriculture, playing a key role in food systems, agrobiodiversity conservation, poverty eradication and achieving the SDGs. On International Women’s Day, we commemorate the achievements of women family farmers, rural women and indigenous women. Still, we must remember the challenges that remain to be addressed in order to move towards more just and equitable societies that recognise the important role of rural

Are your radio programmes gender inclusive?

Often, broadcasts are designed on the premise that listenership is uniform. However, the audience is diverse, and programmes, therefore, should be responsive to the different expectations of listeners. Gender inequalities can arise  in the professional practices with radio stations, whether during production process, programming, management, or in the choice of content and people interviewed. Media should put in place mechanisms to ensure that the opinions of women and men, regardless

Save the Date: Regional Dialogue on the United Nations Decade of Family Farming, 14 July

Boosting the Resilience of Family Farmers to Adapt to Food Crises through Improved Access to Technologies and Innovations in Africa Date: 14 July 2022 Time: 9:00 – 12:00 GMT Register: Zoom Registration Languages: English & French   The UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (UNDFF) was launched on 29 May 2019 at FAO headquarters, Rome. The UNDFF aims to shed new light on what it means to be a family

Julieth Muunga, runner-up for the 2022 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio

At Radio Maria in Tanzania, Julieth Muunga is the sole presenter and producer of a 30-minute program called Jinsia na Maendeleo (Gender and Development), which was named the runner-up for the 2022 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio. Ms. Muunga started broadcasting in 2007 as a volunteer at two different radio stations while studying for a university certificate in Journalism at the University of Dar es Salaam. When she began her

C4D: Radio dramas convey knowledge for the emancipation of women

Radio dramas been inspiring imitation and awakening awareness among households in the western zone of Burkina Faso, where they are broadcast on some local radio stations in the administrative regions of Hauts Bassins and Boucle du Mouhoun. With the influence of technology, entertainment has become a privileged consumer good. Radio dramas have joined the trend, giving audiences the opportunity to break the routine and free themselves from stress. By its