Youth radio programming: A broadcaster how-to guide

Based on recent research from many parts of the world, the content of more than 70% of radio broadcasting caters to adults. In Africa, the percentage is higher. In a recent study in Nigeria, for example, researchers found that content for youth (defined by the United Nations as 15-24 years old) accounted for a mere 1.4% of airtime. As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization encourages, radio stations

Young African agripreneurs: Success story and scaling up lessons and innovations

Agriculture is a primal sector to generate income to the growing population and a major contributor to the GDP in Africa. Africa is known as young continent due to the fact that it has the largest number of young population in the world. This young people are energetic, have a fresh mind and innovative spirit. They are ambitious and willing to take initiative to get integrated in development process. Young

Young reporters bring the voices of COP27 to Africa’s radios (Reuters)

Siyabonga Mokoena is a 21-year-old radio host working with the Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF). He is one of half a dozen young African reporters who attended the COP27 climate summit in Egypt to produce a series of podcasts on climate change to be broadcast on 15 radio stations around the continent. Before attending the conference, Mr. Mokoena was hard at work recording the stories of people whose lives have been

Accelerating job creation and entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have developed a joint regional programme titled “Opportunities for Youth in Africa: Accelerating Job Creation and Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Agribusiness”. The programme is in response to a dedicated call for accelerating efforts in the area of job creation. This call was made during the 2018 Conference on Youth Employment in Agriculture

African countries commit to raise ambitions for Sustainable Development Goals

African countries have committed to raise their ambitions and accelerate their actions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including ending poverty and hunger, at the conclusion of the 32nd Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa. Sixty-two Ministers from 54 African countries participated in the conference – country representation was one of the largest ever thanks to the hybrid mode, with more than half the ministers attending in person

PAFO Innovation Series: Catalyzing young African agri-entrepreneurs’ investments (session 8)

As part of their ongoing Innovation Series, PAFO held a session on February 3, 2022 focused on “catalyzing young African agri-entrepreneurs’ investments.” Key points for discussion were as follows: What are the drivers of success of youth-led SMEs in the agrifood sector: what innovations, technologies, knowledge and finance do they need and attract? How can we upscale youth-led investments and rural youth enterprises? What incentives can be provided to attract

Reconciling rural youth with family farming and unleashing their potential, in West Africa

The perception of rural West African youth is too often biased by the stereotypes widely conveyed about them. Between precarious odd jobs, idleness and the temptation to move, it is sometimes difficult to envision these young people rooted in their rural community. Too often, we don’t ask: Who are these young people? What are their stories? How do they fit into their community? What are their ambitions? How do they

A young Ghanaian woman earning a living from shea products

Rita Adibamoli is a 24-year-old Ghanaian woman from Kasena Nankana Abarjawe district of Ghana who has made a good livelihood from soap-making with shea product. In Kasena Nankana Baobab Cooperative Union (KANBAOCU), FAO’s Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) initiative funded a training for young people to develop skills in making soap from shea and to encourage entrepreneurship. This is how Rita gained the knowledge and interest to use soap making

If you can think it, you can do it: The story of Lizzy Idoko

Young people in Africa should be encouraged to take part in Agriculture. This is a growing sector in need of young innovative minds to help improve the economy of African countries as well as create job opportunities. Lizzy Idoko is a young Nigerian female farmer, who has taken an initiative to improve Irish potatoes farming in Nigeria with hopes to eventually expand globally. Lizzy is a university graduate of History

Working with and for young people to fight COVID-19

Young people are  seriously affected by COVID-19 and are part of the global response in Cameroon. This guidance article from Cameroon Link is meant to assist humanitarian actors, youth-led organisations, and young people across sectors, working at local community and health district levels, in their response to the new coronavirus pandemic affected. It begins diagnostically, exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on young people. It then proposes a series of actions