A call for cases on pluralistic extension and advisory services in Africa

Background Agricultural extension and advisory services (AEAS) consist of all the different activities that provide the information and services needed and demanded by farmers and other value chain actors in rural settings to assist them in developing their own technical, organizational and management skills and practices to improve their livelihoods, as well as promote a more sustainable agriculture. The Public EAS systems are commonly facing challenges in terms of accessibility,

Reinventing agropastoralism: Breeder-fattening livestock farming, a light in the climatic darkness of Liptako-Gourma

In a context of climate change and increasing economic challenges, the cross-border area of Liptako-Gourma, shared between Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, finds itself at a crossroads. Facing these challenges, the Breeder-Fattening Livestock Farming (French: Élevage Naisseur Couplé à l’Embouche – ENCEM) emerges as an innovative solution, offering households in this region a sustainable path to improve their climate resilience. The ENCEM initiative, driven by the Federation of Unions of

Socioeconomic revolution in Komondjari: Habbanaye, a beacon of hope

As we begin 2024, ROPPA shares the 33rd issue of “Gems of Family Farms,” highlighting a quiet but powerful revolution in Komondjari. Thanks to Habbanaye, an initiative by the Diéma Association of Gayeri (ADG/K), a beacon of hope has been lit, reducing the socioeconomic vulnerability of many, particularly women and youth, in this insecurity-ravaged region. Since 2015, Habbanaye has charted a remarkable path towards empowering rural communities, focusing on solidarity

Improving Ghanaian women farmers’ access to agricultural advisory services

When Linda Aduwaa thinks back to last year, one thing stands out: how women in her community were treated. Linda has been farming rice and maize for the past 15 years. The mother of five says that only a year ago, men refused to help with household chores. Women couldn’t own their own land independently of men. They weren’t even able to attend agricultural advisory meetings about improving farming practices

Water, the source of life and harmony: The triumph of social cohesion in the Mouhoun loop, Burkina Faso

In the relentless quest for sustainable harmony among various actors in pastoralism and agriculture, an extraordinary project has emerged in the Mouhoun Loop region of Burkina Faso. This initiative, focused on social cohesion and peaceful pastoral mobility, stands as a beacon of development for rural communities. It embodies the very essence of ROPPA’s weekly column “Les Pépites des Exploitations Familiales” (The Gems of Family Farms), which celebrates its 30th edition.

Sharing knowledge, cultures of resilience: The SANAD fair unites key actors from West Africa

The Regional Fair for Knowledge on SANAD Policies (food and nutritional security and sustainable agriculture) marks an important step in the valorization and sharing of knowledge in the field of food security and sustainable agriculture in West Africa. This event, scheduled from December 6 to 8, 2023, in Benin, is the result of a collaboration between several West African regional institutions and organizations involved in the framework for monitoring the

Seeds of change: The Regional College of Women of ROPPA plants the seeds of agricultural future in Tunis

In the orchards of innovation and on the fertile grounds of mutual support, the Regional College of Women of ROPPA (RCW) has left its mark on the PAFO Rural Women’s Forum in Tunis from 23 to 24 October 2023. This gathering, which brought together rural women from all five regions of Africa, was a crucible of enriching exchanges and mutual strengthening. Mrs. Halima TIOUSSO, president of the College, eloquently shared

Ibrahima COULIBALY at the helm of PAFO: A bright spot for agroecology and family farming in Africa

The current period, marked by the United Nations Decade for Family Farming, witnesses the convergence of multifaceted efforts to promote sustainable and inclusive agriculture on the African continent. In this dynamic, the election of Mr. Ibrahima COULIBALY, the president of the Network of Peasant Organizations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA), to the presidency of the Pan African Farmers Organisation (PAFO) during the General Assembly held in Tunis from

Triumph of solidarity in the three-borders zone of Burkina Faso

In the heart of Burkina Faso, the National Federation of Cooperative Societies of Livestock Farmers of Burkina Faso (SCOOP-CA/FEB) stands out as a beacon of resilience and harmony, showcasing the transformative power of social engineering in resolving community conflicts related to the exploitation of natural resources. It is with immense pleasure that we share this inspiring story in the 24th issue of our weekly column ” Gems of Family Farms”

Farm Radio International Uganda’s “Platform” project transforming agricultural extension services across the country

Once a week, Green Leaf Radio Magazine’s catchy theme song plays on radios across Uganda. As more listeners pour in every week, they are greeted by a number of segments including news and weather, but most importantly tips on how to improve their farming practices. To say that farming in Uganda is vital to the average citizen’s economic security is an understatement : 88 per cent of Ugandan households are involved in the