Launch of UNDFF-Yenkasa Campaign Phase II

Launch of UNDFF-Yenkasa Campaign Phase II

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On 25th November 2021, the Yenkasa Africa team launched the Phase II of the Regional Communication Campaign which focused on promoting the radio magazines produced. In attendance were farmer organizations representatives, FAO, and other Yenkasa partners. During the event we had discussions about the partnerships between farmers’ organizations and community media, giving voices to family farmers, and the presentation of the campaign packages. The speakers during the event were;

  • Silvia San Marco- FAO
  • Zoie Jones – FAO
  • Habu Dorcas – LVC representative
  • Franklin Huizies – AMARC
  • Francesco Diasio – FAO

To know more about the launch discussion, You can also access the PowerPoint slide HERE. We welcome you all to access and download the campaign materials (radio magazines and social media cards) available HERE. Click below to watch the video (available only in French).

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