The Launch of the Rural Communication Service Initiative

The Launch of the Rural Communication Service Initiative

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On 24th November 2021, the Yenkasa Africa team launched the regional survey and e-consultation to get information on the Rural Communication Services in Africa. In attendance were farmer organizations representatives, FAO, and other Yenkasav Africa partners. The event discussed the need to document the Rural Communication Service (RCS) in Africa, experience of organizations in communication for agriculture and rural development in Africa, and how to register in the Community of Practice (CoP) and take part in the RCS survey. The speakers during the event were;

  • Mario Acunzo- FAO
  • Gelsey Bennett- Digital Green
  • Silvia San Marco- FAO
  • Gordon Nikoi- Esoko
  • Kathryn Burnham- FRI
  • Michael Neliwa -LVC/ MVIWATA
  • Henry Kinyua – Digital Green
  • Uloma Mezie-Osuocha- FAO.

We welcome everyone to register in the Yenkasa Africa community of practice forum (Click Here) and take part in the survey. To take part in the RCS survey, join the CoP forum (Click Here) and access the survey information. The forum discussion is open for other related discussions.

The Launch event was recorded, and available for a re-watch. The video is below and the PowerPoint slides can be accessed HERE.

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