MAPTO breaks down barriers to agricultural financing in Togo

MAPTO breaks down barriers to agricultural financing in Togo

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In the framework of ROPPA’s series “The Gems of Family Farms”, they spotlight a remarkable initiative by the Peasant Alliance Movement of Togo (MAPTO). This organization has implemented an innovative approach to facilitate access to agricultural financing for its members, despite the reluctance of financial institutions to invest in what is perceived as a risky sector. MAPTO conducted a comprehensive study on agricultural financing, input supply, marketing, and value chain development. Following this study, a test credit operation was conducted from 2007 to 2008 with the support of CCFD-Terre Solidaire. These credits, self-managed by the groups, aimed to gauge the Movement’s ability to engage with the country’s financial institutions. The results were striking: a 100% repayment rate was observed in well-organized groups.


Buoyed by this experience, MAPTO decided to structure its members into cooperatives. Between 2008 and 2009, four thousand producers were organized into cooperatives in the central and Kara regions. To this end, MAPTO relied on two pioneering organizations: RHINCAMI, a cereal cooperative in the central region, and UGMK, a vegetable cooperative in the Kara region.

MAPTO chose to focus on two sectors: cereals (corn, sorghum, and rice) in the central region and vegetable crops in the Kara region. These sectors were chosen as a priority to meet the challenge of food security.

After the establishment of the cooperatives, strengthening the members’ capacities became a priority, with the creation of farm schools, notably the Bangos farm school in Lama – Tessi, site of the Rhincami group. A strategy for identifying financing beneficiaries was developed, and a call for tenders was launched among financial institutions. An agreement was signed in 2009 with FUCEC, which was put in contact with the cooperatives.

Thanks to this initiative, MAPTO obtained a constant annual interest rate of 9%, a very satisfactory rate compared to the rates generally practiced by Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), which are 20%. In 2014, the 12 credit beneficiary cooperatives in the Central region were able to cultivate a total area of more than 1,200 hectares for a production of more than 2,800 tons. Yields increased from one (01) ton to 2.5 tons, and even up to 06 tons in some localities.

This MAPTO initiative perfectly illustrates how innovation and organization can overcome obstacles and transform the agricultural sector. It is a true gem of family farming that deserves to be celebrated and replicated elsewhere.

Are you intrigued by innovation in the agricultural sector? Are you looking for concrete solutions to overcome the challenges of agricultural financing? Look no further! Discover how the Peasant Alliance Movement of Togo (MAPTO) has succeeded in transforming the landscape of agricultural financing in Togo, facilitating access to credit for thousands of producers.

In this fascinating report, you will discover how MAPTO has implemented an innovative approach to overcome the reluctance of financial institutions to invest in the agricultural sector. You will learn how they structured their members into cooperatives, how they strengthened the capacities of their members, and how they managed to obtain a constant annual interest rate of 9%.

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