Agroecology Dialogue Series

Agroecology Dialogue Series

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The Agroecology Dialogue Series is an initiative of FAO and the Biovision Foundation in support of the Coalition for food systems transformation through Agroecology (Agroecology Coalition). It is organized as part of the Food Policy Forum for Change.

The series consists of three thematic dialogues that aim to identify entry points, opportunities, building blocks, innovative approaches and institutional frameworks that can support the upscale of agroecology. Between 60 and 90 participants contributed to each dialogue from various backgrounds (scientists, government representatives, civil society organizations, intergovernmental organizations, private sector, and others) and sectors. The key findings and recommendations of each dialogue were summarized in three outcome briefs;

  1. The interface between agroecological and territorial approaches for food systems transformations

  2. Beyond the farm: Exploring the synergies between agroecology and conservation communities

  3. Agroecology as a response to agri-input scarcity

The agroecology dialogue series aimed to contribute to the emergence of a broader framework on multiple pathways for food system transformation that highlights concrete steps to promote agroecology at the national policy level and set priority areas for a food systems transformation.

The three dialogues focused on case studies, examples and best practices of transformation pathways, combined with group discussions. For each theme, a working document was developed by a core guiding group prior to the dialogue, with the aim of triggering reflections and discussions on the dialogue theme.

For further information and the outcome of the dialogues, click HERE.