Building a commitment to ease the burden of unpaid care for women across sub-Saharan Africa

This International Day of Care and Support, Farm Radio is pleased to announce its new Knowledge Sharing About Unpaid Care in sub-Saharan Africa project. Care work — caring for children, the elderly and other vulnerable people, as well as performing other household chores — often falls to women. Globally, women perform 76.2 per cent of the total amount of unpaid care work — spending three times more time on it than men.

Webinar recording: VOICES Standards for interactive radio programs

On Sept. 12, Farm Radio International hosted a webinar on our VOICES Standards for enhancing interactive radio programs and our lexicon of radio production terms. The event was hosted by Martine Moguem and presented by Sylvie Harrison, Managing specialist of the radio craft team, with an introduction from Doug Ward, former chair of FRI’s board of directors for 20 years and CBC radio producer, station manager, and vice president. Doug

Youth radio programming: A broadcaster how-to guide

Based on recent research from many parts of the world, the content of more than 70% of radio broadcasting caters to adults. In Africa, the percentage is higher. In a recent study in Nigeria, for example, researchers found that content for youth (defined by the United Nations as 15-24 years old) accounted for a mere 1.4% of airtime. As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization encourages, radio stations

Knowing your audience learning module

Farm Radio International has a series of online learning modules for its radio partners addressing radio skills. The most newest module addresses how to know your audience’s needs and use that information to design radio programming. All our modules are available at: To access the modules, fill out the participation agreement at:

Sharing farmers' stories on World Food Day - and every day

Farm Radio International has been sharing stories about the experiences and expertise of small-scale farmers since our founding in May 1979. To further put a spotlight on farmers, we created an online news publication – Barza Wire – in 2007. Last year, we celebrated our 600th issue. Find Barza Wire at: Each edition of Barza Wire includes stories about the innovations and experiences of small-scale farmers. Most of these

Celebrating rural women on the airwaves

International Day of Rural Women is observed on October 15 every year to recognize their vital role in food systems and rural development. From the production of crops to the processing, preparation and distribution of food, women’s work paid and unpaid feeds their families, communities and the world. However, they do not exercise equal power with men, and therefore earn less income and experience higher food insecurity. To mark and

Elearning opportunity: Women and youth empowerment in agriculture in Africa in the context of AfCFTA

Join this online learning opportunity, taking place from Nov. 6 to Dec. 8, in English and French. Deadline to apply is Nov. 3. Apply here: Background Women make up more than 50% of Africa’s population and 80% of them reside in rural areas. Over 60% are employment in rural areas in the agriculture sector . The trend is not much different for youth. They are ill-equipped and lack the

Webinar: What sub-Saharan African communities are saying about climate change

What are rural sub-Saharan African communities saying about climate change? How can we bring their voices to influence decisions? How can you use these results to better influence and guide your own programs? That’s what we’re setting out to answer in this webinar. As part of Farm Radio International’s “On-Air for Gender-Inclusive Nature-based Solutions” project, they hosted a series of On Air Dialogues with rural people across sub-Saharan Africa, specifically

Malian broadcaster serves farmers with informative, interesting, interactive radio programs

Seydou Camara describes himself as a “country lover.” And, as the son of a farmer, he knows a lot about agriculture. These qualities help him to prepare his radio programs, and particularly to prepare for field visits. Mr. Camara has worked at Radio Wassoulou in Yanfolila, Mali, for nearly 10 years, where he is a host. “Naturally, I like to serve people and in my opinion, media is a great

Apply for the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio

The Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio recognizes excellent radio programs that serve women listeners. Winning radio programs explore and advance gender equality; for example, by sharing the experiences and opinions of women, addressing topics of importance to women, underlining the role of men in gender equality, etc. The award is given to the team of people who make this program happen, including the manager(s), producer(s), host(s), presenter(s), reporter(s), technician(s), and