Celebrate the people who grow your food — family farmers — with our UNDFF radio campaign

Celebrate the people who grow your food — family farmers — with our UNDFF radio campaign

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The YenKasa Africa radio campaign celebrates the UN Decade of Family Farming and the voices of small-scale farmers across Africa. As World Food Day (Oct. 16) approaches, be part of our campaign, and be a voice for family farmers.

Have you already participated by broadcasting our radio spots or other campaign materials? Or by interviewing farmers and farmer organization leaders? Continue to participate by integrating this campaign into a special program or series ahead of World Food Day.

Are you new to the campaign? Use these materials and resources to talk about the UN Decade of Family Farmers and why farmers are more important now than ever. Family farmers contribute to food and nutrition security for their families, communities, and country. But they are facing many challenges —  existing and new —  from the COVID-19 crisis, to climate change, to soil infertility, and more. The UN declared 2019 to 2028 the Decade of Family Farming. Tell your farmer-listeners that this decade is for them. This is the time for them to speak up, express their opinions, and share their experiences — on your radio program, because you are the Voice for Family Farmers.

This is the second package of resources in our Voice for Family Farmers campaign. In our first package, we shared a backgrounder, radio spots, and stories about the importance of family farmers, particularly women and youth. You can find those materials here. In this package, we are sharing resources, radio spots, and stories about farmer organizations, marketing, and consumers. New in this package is a series of profiles of regional farmer organizations with contact information to arrange interviews with local representatives.

You can join the campaign by:

  • broadcasting the radio spots;
  • planning and producing programs or segments about the UN Decade of Family Farming, using our backgrounder for more information;
  • using the campaign materials to share stories about family farmers and their priorities;
  • airing the voices of farmers and their issues;
  • interviewing representatives of national or regional farmer organizations, using our profiles for more information;
  • putting farmer priorities at the core of your programming; and
  • promoting yourself as a voice of family farmers.

We hope that this radio campaign is on air across the Farm Radio network until World Food Day, Oct. 16, to celebrate the farmers who grow our food. We hope that you can connect to local, national, and regional farmer organizations to collaborate with them on this campaign.

Remember to tell us you have participated in this campaign. Everyone who joins the campaign will receive a participation certificate. And everyone who submits recordings of their participation 一 including radio segments, programs or spots 一 will be entered into a draw to win prizes, including one of five prizes of $100 CA mobile credit.

Join us in celebrating the UN Decade of Family Farmers. Be a voice for family farmers.

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