Voice for Family Farmers radio campaign materials

Voice for Family Farmers radio campaign materials

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Radio stations can be champions for family farmers. By joining the UNDFF radio campaign, they commit to being the Voice for Family Farmers: inviting farmers to speak on their radio programs and to shape the topics  discussed on the programs. Radio stations can ensure that family farmers have the information they need to make good decisions that improve their lives and livelihoods. They can also connect family farmers with farmer organizations, market actors, and policy-makers.

And to make this easier, we have developed several campaign materials that can be used to develop segments or programs about the UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF).

This campaign includes materials about the importance of family farmers, background information on the UNDFF, and information about how farmers can stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These materials and key messages were developed by the partners in the YenKasa Africa initiative, including FAO and regional farmers organizations like the Pan-African Farmers Organizations, La Via Campesina, PROPAC, and ROPPA. Farm Radio International has invited their radio network of 1,000 broadcasting partners to join the campaign and become a Voice for Family Farmers.

Learn more about the campaign in this story: http://yenkasa.wpengine.com/join-the-undff-radio-campaign.

Campaign materials

Radio spots

UNDFF campaign radio spots (Download the Word doc)
UNDFF campaign radio spots, part two (Download the Word doc)
Broadcaster how-to guide: How to create radio spots (Farm Radio)


UN Decade of Family Farming (Download the Word doc)
Gender inequalities in land rights in Africa (Farm Radio)
Agricultural cooperatives issue pack (Farm Radio)

Broadcaster how-to guides

How to create effective programs about markets and marketing (Farm Radio)
How to interview experts: Best practices for broadcasters and experts (Farm Radio)

Profiles of regional producer organizations

Pan-African Farmers Organization
Eastern Africa Farmers Federation
Regional Platform of Central African Farmers Organizations (PROPAC)
La Via Campesina
ROPPA : Réseau des Organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs Agricoles de l’Afrique de l’Ouest

Interview scripts

Protecting farmer innovations and traditional knowledge (Farm Radio)
Farmers triple sorghum yield thanks to mulch farming (Farm Radio)
Innovative farmer invents large-capacity kerosene egg incubator (Farm Radio)
Women’s right to land is necessary for community development (Farm Radio)
Marketing farm produce (Farm Radio)
It’s better to sell together. The benefits of collective marketing (Farm Radio)
Improved Market Information Services programs increase farmers’ income and knowledge: Part One & Part Two (Farm Radio)
A glut in the market: How supply and demand affect prices (Note: This is episode 2 of a 5-part series called “To Market, To Market.” Find the “other episodes, and more resources on marketing, in this package about post-harvest activities) (Farm Radio)
Co-operatives introduce the ‘Trusted friend’ approach to microfinance in northern Ghana (Farm Radio)

Drama script

Beans, a family affair (Farm Radio)
Together we stand: agricultural cooperative society (Farm Radio)

Farmer stories

Senegal: Young farmers sharpen their skills on Kolda farm (Barza Wire)
Ghana: How Hikima Kadiri defied the norm to become the first woman in her region to obtain a tractor license (Barza Wire)
Ethiopia: Women’s co-operatives in rural Ethiopia give women ownership of land and equipment (City Press)
Tanzania: Women continue to grow beans despite gender challenges (Barza Wire)
Rwanda: Women boost family health with backyard vegetable gardens (Barza Wire)
Burundi: Farmer finds new technique for preserving tomatoes (Barza Wire)
Kenya: Herders profit from selling surplus hay (Trust, Barza Wire)
Burkina Faso: Rural women’s group makes and markets tomato puree (AgribusinessTV, Barza Wire)
Senegal: Rice farmers want to change the reputation of local rice (Barza Wire)
Tanzania: Fruit and vegetable farmers turn to organic farming to meet increased market demand (Barza Wire)
DRC: Farmers come together to better market their maize (Barza Wire)
Malawi: Women and youth join co-operative to access better groundnut markets (Barza Wire)
Ghana: Vegetable farmers use mobile phones to access extension services and better markets (Barza Wire)
Tanzania: COVID-19 forces female vendors to sell in new ways (Barza Wire)

Other resources

Rural entrepreneurs use videos to become change makers (Access Agriculture)
Niger: A common ground (AgroInsight)
Kenyan youth discover a promising future in farming (FAO)
Malawi: Pineapples prove a novel source of income for a Malawian community (FAO)
Zimbabwe: Model farmer leading the change in more than just farming  (FAO)
Madagascar’s communities, an engine for change (FAO)
PAFO’s renewed commitment to Farmers Organizations and Farmers (Download the PDF)
Climate Justice for Africa (LVC)

UNDFF videos

Voices for Change: Elizabeth Mpofu, General Coordinator, La Via Campesina Zimbabwe (FAO)
Voices for Change: Kenneth Katungisa, Chief Executive Officer Uganda National Farmers Federation (FAO)
Voices for Change: Editrudith Lukanga, World Forum of Fishers harvesters & Fish (WFF) Tanzania (FAO)
Voices for Change: Marcela Villarreal, Director, Partnerships Division, FAO (FAO)

COVID-19 resources

Radio spots on COVID-19 (Farm Radio)
Answers to your frequently asked questions about COVID-19 (Farm Radio)
Tanzania: COVID-19 forces female vendors to sell in new ways (Barza Wire)
Malawi: COVID-19 social distancing measures disrupt markets and farmers’ income (Barza Wire)
Somalia: Using innovation to deliver despite COVID-19 (FAO)
A battle plan for ensuring global food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis (FAO)
Rwanda: COVID-19: Voices of young agripreneurs (FAO)
COVID-19: Adapting to a new reality to ensure the provision of vital assistance (FAO podcast)
Benin: Village savings and loans groups struggle due to COVID-19 (Barza Wire)
Nigeria: COVID-19 affects farm labourers’ incomes (Barza Wire)
Nigeria: Farmers face difficulties accessing farm inputs due to COVID-19 lockdown (Barza Wire)
West Africa: How farmers and processors are impacted by COVID-19 (ICRISAT, Barza Wire)
West African women facing COVID-19 (ROPPA)
Video: African farmers face COVID-19 (PAFO)
Video: African farmers leaders approach COVID-19 (PAFO)
ROPPA report on COVID-19

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