Good and Promising Practices from FO4ACP KM Event

Good and Promising Practices from FO4ACP KM Event

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The Pan African Farmers Organisation (PAFO) shares its latest publication, a comprehensive collection of knowledge and experiences from farmers across Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. This document resulted from the FO4ACP global knowledge management event organized by PAFO in collaboration with IFAD, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda, from 16 to 18 May 2023. The event aimed to exchange good and scalable practices among the FO4ACP implementing partners, learn from others’ experiences, showcase successful stories and create networking opportunities across continents.

The document highlights farmers’ organisations’ valuable insights and shared experiences in these diverse regions. It covers crucial topics such as access to finance, climate resilience, agroecology, and political engagement, providing a broad spectrum of information critical for fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

The stories presented here demonstrate how farmers’ organizations innovate and apply practices and technologies to address challenges in the agriculture sector, such as improving yields, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and increasing resilience to climate change and access to finance and markets. These stories discuss innovations in agri-food systems, including technological, institutional, social, and policy innovations. They analyze the factors contributing to success, particularly the necessary capacities for innovation to add value to the community or value chain.

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