Practicing agriculture to access the ‘Promised Land’

Practicing agriculture to access the ‘Promised Land’

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This is the motto chosen by a group of young people from the West region of Cameroon who have been engaged for two years already in agricultural production and environmental protection through a project named ‘Green Hands Farming and Environmental Development’.

Launched in 2018 in the city of Mbouda, this project is led by the Common Initiative Group of young breeders, farmers and environmental protection volunteers of the Bamboutos Division, led by NOUBOUH Jean Vianey. Also Divisional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council, the young high school teacher, married and father of two, was born into a farming family. He thus decided to involve his peers in practicing the knowledge acquired doing farming with his parents.

Green Hands currently has 10 young members, five of whom are really active, each dealing with specific crops on large farms in the Division. The young Lemoubou Xavi Léonel cultivates vegetables on the mountain slopes of Babadjou village, while Karl Pokem practices pig breeding, and the cultivation, bagging and sales of Atemisia in Bamendjinda village.

The only dynamic woman of the group, Fofie Nguemouo Sonia, coordinates the breeding of traditional poultry, turkeys, ducks and also Brahma chickens in the city of Mbouda. Watermelon, corn and bean farms are located in Bagam village, in the Galim Subdivision. These farms are all located within a radius of 30 km and the leader uses a motorbike for coordination shuttles between these areas, all estimated at nearly 10 hectares. The products are sold on local markets.

This project, according to its promoter, draws its inspiration from the discourse on the Promised Land in the bible: “The Promised Land is the one where humans will find their fulfilment and well-being. This well-being which necessarily involves a healthy diet in a healthy environment,” he explains.

On the environmental protection, Green Hands, Farming and Environmental Development is still volunteering, supporting some public services and local organizations through practical advice and clean-up campaigns. The group plans to equip itself as soon as it gets the means to better play this role. “We need pressure washers, vacuums, lawn mowers to fully engage field work. We also aim to create a nursery to promote tree planting”, adds NOUBOUH Jean Vianey.

Two years into its inception, the group is witnessing a mismatch between its development wishes and the availability of the resources necessary to expand its activities. It has so far operated with its own funds and has not yet benefited from any external support. Reason why Green Hands is seeking the support of development partners and institutions interested in youth employment projects.-

Green Hands Farming and Environmental Development can be reached at the following addresses:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +237 695 11 21 55 / +237 675 23 68 92

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