Radio programme: How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future

Radio programme: How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future

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As part of the YenKasa Africa initaitive to showcase radio programs, we are thrilled to share this week’s feature from Farm Radio International’s project, On-Air Dialogues for gender inclusive NbS . It delves into the vital topic “How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future”. Read the feature to discover valuable insights and expert advice, and then listen to Farm Radio International’s recorded program in English.  Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and empower your agricultural practices. Happy reading and listening!

The program by Farm Radio International, part of the podcast series “Nature Answers,” sparked crucial discussions about what to do when the resources that pay you stop growing back.

Mangroves are environmental heavy hitters – they sequester carbon, prevent coastal erosion and contribute to biodiversity in intertidal areas. But they’re also an important part of the community’s economy after the construction of the Akosombo dam reduced fish populations. And overharvesting is threatening them. But a Community Resource Management Area model led by community members like Major Kamasah and Gabriel Ahianyo is providing a path to sustainability.

They and other community members are actively involved in planting mangroves – some to restore the estuary, others for the promise of an economic future for them and their children. They highlight the intertwined relationship between environmental conservation, community development, and social equity, emphasizing the need for effective collaborative efforts to address climate change impacts.

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How mangrove rehabilitation can save a community’s future

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