Yenkasa Africa Celebrates World Radio Day 2022: Radio, the lifeblood of local development

Yenkasa Africa Celebrates World Radio Day 2022: Radio, the lifeblood of local development

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The theme of the 2022 edition of World Radio Day is “Radio and Trust”.  This theme is so topical as the reality of our time has placed a renewed appreciation for the value and worth of relationships. The pandemic has forced us all to look at what is trustworthy and true. Fake news seriously destabilizes and adversely affects various communities. All over the world, people have returned to focusing on finding the truth and strengthening their family and friend circles to rely on essential support.

Radio was tested in this era with the advent of new media and social media platforms. As AMARC, World Association of Community Broadcasters, we are steadfast in our belief that Radio continues to be one of the most trusted and used media in the world. This position is confirmed by different international reports.

Our experience in the world of radio is confirming that now, more than ever, we need radio as our trusted companion to give hope and share critical information that is true. The slogan and mission statements of various community radio stations say it all… “Radio KC – The Sound That Sets You Free”; “Radio Nfm – The Voice of the Namakwa people”; “Riverside FM – To inform, educate and empower our community” and “Jozi Fm – More Than Just Radio”.

Within the Yenkasa Africa initiative, Amarc is celebrating World Radio Day 2022 by distributing a series of locally produced radio magazines from eight (8) African countries. The series showcases the trustful relationship between family farmers and their local radio stations. These programs focus on how countries are responding to the UNDFF 2021 Communication campaign, whose main theme is “Family Farmers at the heart of sustainable food systems”. The campaign addresses both family farmers and the general public to raise awareness on the UNDFF and the role that family farming plays in achieving sustainable food systems and the 2030 Agenda.

The series has been produced in the framework of the Yenkasa Africa communication for the development platform. Come and celebrate World Radio Day 2022 by listening to and broadcasting our series of unique radio magazines from Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Madagascar and The Gambia. Download or listen to these programs here:


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