VIDEO CONTEST 2024: Innovations for and by family farmers

VIDEO CONTEST 2024: Innovations for and by family farmers

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Participate in the family farming contest and send in your videos. Your videos will compete for the opportunity to be presented at the Global Family Farming Forum in October 2024 in Rome, Italy.

The videos should illustrate how family farmers can be supported by innovations. These innovations might combine old and new food system practices and organizational processes, using traditional and diverse forms of knowledge and connecting these with newly available information and technologies. They have a holistic approach and could take many forms: technological, social, policy, financial, marketing, legislative, communication and institutional. They can cover all aspects of agrifood systems, help family farmers fight hunger and poverty, revitalize rural areas, and protect the environment.

This call is also a window to showcase innovations aimed at family farmers, for example, helping them to access new and better markets, make more efficient use of productive resources, adapt to the challenges of climate change, generate new cooperative and organizational models, optimize production processes from the field to the table, access new technologies and digital tools, strengthen management and extension capacities, generate synergies and greater articulation networking.

This contest also allows applicants to share their stories and artistic skills through audiovisual storytelling and explain the complex interrelationship between the diverse livelihoods of farmers, fishers, pastoralists and others and their leading role in generating resilient and sustainable agrifood systems.


  1. Please review the terms of reference before applying: English, French, Spanish.
  2. You can apply by completing the application form, which is available in English, French, and Spanish.
  3. Videos must be sent in horizontal format resolution equal to or higher than 1920×1080 (16:9) full HD, 2K, 4K, etc.). The following formats will be accepted: .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, etc. In interviews, audio must be recorded with a directional or lavalier microphone to avoid contamination with ambient noise.
  4. There are two categories to apply for: B-roll (maximum 5 minutes) and/or videos with post-production (maximum 2 minutes).


  1. The first place in each category will be invited to participate in the October event in Rome.
  2. The three finalists per category will be rewarded with a certificate of recognition signed by the contest organizers, and their videos will be published on FAO’s official website and social media channels.
  3. Winners will also be given mention in a special online press release.

Key dates

  1. Closing date: 18 July 2024
  2. Selection of three best entries per category: 31 July 2024
  3. Announcement of winners: 05 August 2024