African Women Speak Out for Agroecology

African Women Speak Out for Agroecology

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To mark International Women’s Day 2022 with its theme Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, the African Women’s Collaborative for Healthy Food Systems has shared an article entitled “African Women Speak Out for Agroecology.” This grew out of a storytelling project in five African countries and is a useful resource for celebrating the contribution of peasant and indigenous women to healthy food systems in Africa.

The Collaborative is a Pan-African initiative led by peasant and indigenous women with a deep commitment to healthy food systems that seeks to inform key audiences of the importance of local, agroecological and equitable food systems. In the last year, the Collaborative has given voice to rural women, enabling them to share their stories through a range of media, local and national.

The article draws attention to the perspectives and achievements of peasant and pastoralist women during the COVID-19 pandemic, while conveying the lack of rights and resources they face, and the urgent need for collaboration and strategic partnerships to increase their access to productive resources.

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