Engaging youth in broadcasting

Engaging youth in broadcasting

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Broadcasting offers a unique platform for youth to express their views, share their stories, and engage with communities on issues that matter to them. By getting involved in radio and TV, youth can talk about issues that are important to them and connect with a wider audience. This helps make sure their voices are heard and adds new perspectives to the media that everyone can learn from.


This course is a practical guide to bringing youth on air and including them in engaging, quality broadcasts about issues important to them.

The module takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

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Read our Broadcaster how-to guide

If you prefer, or don’t have access to the module, you can read our Broadcaster how-to guide on the benefits of youth programming. It describes how radio stations can air programming that benefits youth, their radio stations, and their communities, and how youth can contribute to that programming https://training.farmradio.fm/youth-programming/