Event: Prospective Analysis of Senegalese Agriculture in 2050: Agro-industry versus Agroecology?

Join the public hybrid event titled “Prospective Analysis of Senegalese Agriculture in 2050: Agro-industry versus Agroecology?” on April 16, 2024, from 09:30 to 12:30 GMT, co-organized by MAERSA, ISRA-BAME, FAO, and CIRAD, at the Auditorium, ISRA Hann Research Center, Dakar, Senegal. Online participation will also be possible. The event’s main objective will be to share and discuss with participants the key findings of the prospective exercise “AgroEco2050-Senegal” and its implications

Realtime Media Coverage: International Conference on Agrobiodiversity 2024

Conference Livestream You can watch the conference live streaming on the YenKasa Africa Facebook page. Day 1: International conference on agrobiodiversity live streaming Day 3, session 1: International conference on agrobiodiversity live streaming Day 3, session 2: International conference on agrobiodiversity live streaming Day 4: International conference on agrobiodiversity live streaming   Participants’ engagements and interviews Participant: Shamika Mone – INOFO Language: English The Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations (INOFO)

8th Farmers Forum – Key Demands: Enhance the autonomy of small-scale food producers

Ibrahim Coulibaly the president of PAFO brought today, on behalf of the organisations of family farmers and small producers in the Farmers Forum the message to the Governing Council of IFAD that meets on the 14 and 15 of Februry directly after the Farmers Forum. On the 12th and the 13th of February LVC, together with other global and regional organisations of farmers, peasants and other small food producers participated to

“Women can do it too!” Young women in trades supported in first quiz day

The cheers erupting from more than 500 students filling the auditorium at Kumasi Technical Institute in Ghana could be mistaken for cheers inspired by a football match. But instead of a football match, the cheers were in support of student participants in the first TVET Quiz competition, which took place on Jan. 18 and 19, 2024. The event was part of an effort to encourage young women in technical and

Meet Djénèbou Traoré: 2024 George Atkins Communication Award winner

Before she became a radio host, Djénèbou Traoré loved listening to Radio Benbakan in Sanankoroba, Mali. She had a passion for radio. Then, in 2006, she decided to get behind the microphone herself. Recently, Mrs. Traoré was recognized for her broadcasting excellence by receiving the George Atkins Communication Award. She is one of three winners for 2024. The George Atkins Communication Award annually honours individual radio broadcasters for their exceptional

Leaders from five continents will meet at the VIII Global Conference on Family Farming

The VIII Global Conference on Family Farming: Sustainability of Our Planet, organised by the World Rural Forum, is approaching. It will bring together relevant family farming leaders from 5 continents, representatives of governments, international institutions, research centres, foundations, consumer, youth and women farmers’ organisations. It will take place from 19 to 21 March 2024 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain. Among the nearly 150 people from more than 60 countries who will

I learned it on the radio

How FAO is training Somali farmers through the ether It’s been nearly 130 years since Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi generated the first radio transmission on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England. And yet, despite the amazing digital innovations that have revolutionized global communications since that historic broadcast, radio continues to be one of the most popular forms of media in the world. This is certainly the case

Launch of “AGRINNOVATORS.ORG”: A hub for African Agri-food Innovators

PAFO-COLEAD announce the launch of Agrinnovators, a platform for African entrepreneurs passionate about innovation and sustainability in the agri-food sector. This initiative is a collaboration between COLEAD and PAFO.  The Agrinnovators blog will feature stories, insights, and tips from successful agripreneurs who are transforming the food system in Africa through their creativity, resilience, and vision. The Agrinnovators blog aims to inspire, inform, and connect African entrepreneurs striving to make a

Ugandan broadcaster wins award for radio documentaries on Nature-based Solutions

In 2023, Uganda news anchor Martin Amaiyko Kigongo took on a new challenge—creating 20-minute radio documentaries for Farm Radio International’s “On-Air for Gender-Inclusive Nature-based Solutions” project. Used to delivering news bites, Mr. Kigongo struggled with the unfamiliar format and the difficulties of trying something new. Mr. Kigongo’s persistence paid off in November when he won a national Population Media Award for the best radio program on population and development. Judges

First Global Forum of the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028

After three years of implementation, the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (UNDFF) will host its first Global Forum on 19-22 September 2022. Since its launch in 2019, the Decade has been promoting integrated actions supported by cross-sectoral policies that address sustainable development’s environmental, economic and social dimensions. This approach resulted in the approval of 3 Regional and 10 National Action Plans for family farming. At the same time, 186 relevant policies, laws and regulations