Event: Who is missing at dinner? (June 2)

Event: Who is missing at dinner? (June 2)

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Bringing farmers into the conversation on food systems through inclusive communication platforms
A UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue exploring the role of communication in ensuring equitable, inclusive food systems
When: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 9 a.m. ET
Where: Zoom
When it comes to global food systems, how can we ensure that small-scale farmers have their say? And what are the consequences if they don’t?

Farmers know best the challenges that face them. To create an efficient and equitable food system, both male and female farmers need communication tools and systems that put their knowledge and experiences up front.

As part of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, Farm Radio International presents Who’s missing at dinner? Bringing farmers into the conversation on food systems through inclusive communication platforms. Including the voices of farmers and communications professionals from IFAD, Mediae, Farmer Line and Farm Radio International, this dialogue will look at the value of communication systems to amplify and include the perspectives of farmers, who are the backbone of global food value chains.

Together, speakers will address the role of communication in food systems — a theme which cross cuts all five action tracks of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit.

The dialogue is a precursor to on-air dialogues Farm Radio will be bringing to the airwaves in several countries across Africa — a way of ensuring farmers can add their feedback to the summit itself.

So, what is the role of communication in creating equitable food systems? And how can communication systems bring farmers back into the conversation?

Speakers include:

Lily Akorfa Keledorme, Head of Farmer & Partner Engagement at Farmerline

Hélène Papper, Director, Global Communications and Advocacy at International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Patricia Gichinga, Head of Productions at The Mediae Company

Sylvie Harrison, Radio Craft Manager, Farm Radio International

About Farm Radio International
Farm Radio International is an international non-profit organization, specializing in ICT-enabled extension and communication for reaching rural and remote communities at scale in local languages in sub-Saharan Africa. Farm Radio’s core expertise is collaborative, user-focused co-creation of quality information and advisory services, combining radio and mobile phones, other ICTs and face-to-face interaction. FRI supports radio stations to deliver interactive radio-based and gender-responsive communication approaches tailored to achieve different outcomes in gender equality, agriculture, education, and health.
About the UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogues
Food Systems Summit Dialogues offer a powerful opportunity for people everywhere to have a seat at the table at the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit. Dialogues bring together a diversity of stakeholders, including voices that are seldom heard, and provide an important opportunity for participants to debate, collaborate, and take action towards a better future. They give us the chance to connect, meet new partners, inspire and be inspired.

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