Family Farming at the heart of Sustainable food systems in Africa

Family Farming at the heart of Sustainable food systems in Africa

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YenKasa Africa would like to invite you to the launch of the “Family Farming at the heart of Sustainable food systems in Africa” Phase II of the UNDFF awareness campaign 2021.

As part of its contribution to the UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF), Yenkasa Africa organized phase II of its communication campaign in July 2021 with the goal of addressing family farmers and the general public, and raising awareness of the UNDFF and the central role of family farming in achieving food security and the 2030 Agenda. The main theme of the campaign is “Family farming at the heart of sustainable food systems” and it focuses on three key aspects: progress in the implementation of the UNDFF in Africa; policy dialogues and parliamentarian initiatives in the region; and experiences of farmers organizations and projects in the field of family farming contributing to sustainable food systems.

This communication campaign included radio programs produced with rural radio stations and a package of multimedia material including Twitter cards, fact sheets, and radio programs. These are all available on the Yenkasa Africa website and were deployed at the regional level as well as in the following countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Togo, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Madagascar targeting both the family farmers and the general public.

Join our launch event on November 25th, 2021, 2:00 PM CET. The event is jointly organized in the context of Yenkasa Africa by FAO ComDev team, FAORAF and Farm Radio International (FRI). To register, go to:

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