Gebana: A revolution in agri-food industry and strengthening producer network in Burkina Faso

Gebana: A revolution in agri-food industry and strengthening producer network in Burkina Faso

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Established in 2009 in Burkina Faso, Gebana has profoundly transformed local agricultural production and has significantly contributed to strengthening the network of producers. With production volumes reaching 1050 tons of dried mango and 405 tons of cashew nuts, Gebana is a key player in the agri-food industry in West Africa.

Beyond the production of dried mangoes, Gebana has expanded its range by introducing a variety of products processed from cashew nuts. These products, which include among others whole white cashews, roasted cashews, and cashew paste, are intended for both the local and international market.

Despite its notable achievements, Gebana aspires to tackle new challenges for better anchoring and increased influence in its environment. It aims for a greater penetration of the national and sub-regional market, continuous innovation to maintain the quality of its production, and a significant contribution to reducing youth and women’s unemployment. Gebana is also committed to supporting the improvement of the incomes of producer members of the RPTGA network and to adapting to climate change in order to mitigate its impacts on production.

The successful partnership between Gebana and the Sokin group from Taga illustrates the company’s commitment to the development of local producers. Thanks to Gebana’s support since 2011, the group has been able to formalize itself as a producer organization, increase its production, and substantially improve its income.

The story of Gebana Burkina Faso demonstrates the potential impact that a committed agri-food company can have in West Africa by investing in the strengthening of local producers, diversifying its products, and integrating social and environmental issues into its activities.

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