How to create a radio campaign

How to create a radio campaign

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A campaign is an organized, time-bound effort to convince institutions or individuals to take specific types of actions, or change their attitudes toward a specific topic in a specific way. Campaigns have specific objectives and usually focus on one major change or action. They can be in the form of radio jingles and interviews, door to door or community gatherings to discuss issues, a series of ads in printed form in either newspapers or brochures, etc. The best campaigns combine a few different mediums to reach as many people as possible.

A campaign should be used when a radio station or other groups have a specific action or attitude that they think will bring positive change to their community. Campaigns require time, energy, and effort to plan and execute.

The following Broadcaster how-to guide by Farm Radio International explains the steps needed to create a radio campaign. It is designed for use by broadcasters, but can be applied by anyone working in radio.

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