Webinar 2 – How to prepare the experience capitalisation process? Find out in the second webinar of our series on capitalization.

Webinar 2 - How to prepare the experience capitalisation process? Find out in the second webinar of our series on capitalization.

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Since the end of March, the regional initiative YenKasa Africa has organized a series of webinars on experience capitalization. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), with its OPenACP Programme -FO4ACP, co-facilitated the second webinar of this six-part series.

Through this series of webinars, YenKasa Africa, a communication initiative for family farming and rural development in Africa, is strengthening the capacities of its members to better share their knowledge and experiences.  The webinars complement and do not replace the online course on “Experience capitalization for continuous learning” available on the FAO Digital Academy website.  The online course is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.

To find out how to access the content of the course on learning from experience, please watch this video.

The second of the six webinars, dedicated to the preparation of the experience capitalisation process, took place on 18 April 2023.  The preparation phase consists of two steps: framing and planning. To illustrate this preparation phase, the FAO Coastal Fisheries Initiative explained how they implemented the capitalization process to improve coastal fisheries management in Cabo Verde, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal.

They started by targeting their audience, determining what they wanted to capitalise on, why and how. One of the results is a series of three booklets aimed at empowering women in fisheries value chains through salt-drying, fish smoking, and the manufacture of dried and semi-preserved shrimp and shellfish.

To watch or re-watch the webinar, go to YouTube channel. Here is the webinar in three parts:

  1. Experience Capitalisation: Preparing the process – Presentation of the methodology (1/3) (Duration 27:17)
  2. Capitalisation of experiences: preparing the process – Illustration of the methodology in examples (2/3) (Duration 17:27)
  3. Capitalisation of experiences: the preparation of the process – Questions – answers (3/3) (Duration: 34:21)

You can watch the entire webinar on the YenKasa Africa Facebook page.

The exchange with participants continues after each webinar in the Community of Practice on Experience Capitalisation (Dgroups). You can join the ongoing discussion in French with over 350 members. By joining the community you will have access to the presentations in French, the history of questions and answers, and most importantly you will be able to ask questions. Click here to join the group and keep up to date with the latest ideas and innovations in experience sharing.

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