Learning opportunity: Farmer program e-course

Learning opportunity: Farmer program e-course

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Farm Radio International is excited to announce that our Farmer program e-course for radio broadcasters will begin on February 22—and registration is now open!

This online course will help you make an engaging, entertaining, and informative farmer radio program. You will be guided by African e-facilitators and paired up with experienced mentors.

You will learn:

  • How to identify your audience and your audience’s information and communication needs.
  • How to design your program and the different segments to include in your program.
  • How to carry out audience research.
  • How to tell stories.
  • How to address gender equality.
  • How to gather audience feedback.
  • How to conduct an “information interview.”

At the end of the course, you will submit your final assignment, which is a sample episode you will develop during the course. Everyone who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate.

The Farmer program e-course will begin February 22, 2021 and run for 10 weeks. Final assignments are due April 30. The course is offered in English and French.

The e-course is open to radio broadcasters across sub-Saharan Africa who have not completed previous Farmer program e-courses offered by Farm Radio International. You must be involved in producing a radio program at your station and have the support of your station manager to participate. If several people from your station plan on registering, you will participate as a team.

If you were registered for the last Farmer program e-course, which started in March 2020, and did not complete the course, please register for this course.

Several scholarships are available for broadcasters in need of financial assistance. Please indicate on the registration form if you require a scholarship.

In order to finalize your participation, you will have to complete an online learning module on the VOICE standards by February 12. Access to the VOICE standards module will be provided once you have registered for the course.

To register, fill out this form and Farm Radio will follow up with you shortly.

This course is offered with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

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