Meet Djénèbou Traoré: 2024 George Atkins Communication Award winner

Meet Djénèbou Traoré: 2024 George Atkins Communication Award winner

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Before she became a radio host, Djénèbou Traoré loved listening to Radio Benbakan in Sanankoroba, Mali. She had a passion for radio. Then, in 2006, she decided to get behind the microphone herself.

Recently, Mrs. Traoré was recognized for her broadcasting excellence by receiving the George Atkins Communication Award. She is one of three winners for 2024.

The George Atkins Communication Award annually honours individual radio broadcasters for their exceptional dedication and impactful work in promoting food security and reducing poverty.

Ms. Traoré says her strengths as a broadcaster lie in her passion for radio, her versatility in technical and hosting skills, and her desire to serve the community, which drives her to constantly seek further training.

She currently produces two flagship shows on Radio Benbakan. Anga siguida (Our Environment) addresses the environment and agriculture, while Keneya Blo (Health) provides health specialists with a platform to share good hygiene and health practices.

Ms. Traoré  says that the major challenge facing her community is excessive deforestation, especially of shea trees. To address the issue, she interviewed farmers who cut shea trees and invited a forestry agent to explain the consequences of excessive cutting on the environment and on people’s income, including women’s associations who make a living from producing shea butter. After the show, village chiefs took measures against the woodcutters.

To get feedback from listeners, Ms. Traoré conducts field visits and phone calls. Listeners congratulate her on the quality of the content in her shows.

To make her shows entertaining, she uses local music, Farm Radio resources, and often includes her own family’s experiences to add a personal touch.

Since 2006, radio has opened doors for Mrs. Traoré. Thanks to her love for radio and her impressive programming, she obtained a scholarship in 2011 for an internship at Radio Lanaudière in Canada.

Mrs.Traoré says that working with Farm Radio on projects has positively influenced her broadcasting. As a result of this collaboration, she now applies the VOICES and FAIR standards in her broadcasting. She thanks Farm Radio for the technical and financial support that has allowed her and her colleagues at Radio Benbakan to enhance the content of their shows.

Farm Radio International (FRI) is a Canadian non-profit organization specializing in ICT-enabled extension and communication for reaching rural and remote communities at scale in local languages in sub-Saharan Africa. FRI’s core expertise is collaborative, user-focused co-creation of quality information and advisory services, combining radio and mobile phones, other ICTs and face-to-face interaction.