Resources for communicating about COVID-19

Resources for communicating about COVID-19

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In times of crisis, communication is more important than ever. There is an immense amount of information available on coronavirus and COVID-19, but how do we best communicate it? Here are some resources to guide you.

It’s important that communicators use the right words and address the right issues so that people understand the disease and the actions to take to slow its spread. Communicators can not only contribute to the public response to the emergency, but also ancillary responses, such as stigmatization of certain groups. The World Health Organization has tips for talking about COVID-19, including reducing social stigma (PDF).

The C4D Network has created a micro-site on Communication Response to COVID-19. Here you can find a broad range of signposting to trusted sources, resources and support. Topics include:

  • Guidance for Communicators
  • Mapping of Sources & Resources
  • E-Training & Webinars
  • What Needs Communicating

In addition you can find out more here about ‘Communication Champions vs Coronavirus’ which is a peer support scheme the Network is launching – to offer a platform for local communicators to link with other communicators to express needs, gain support and mentorship, share materials and volunteer help.

DW Akademie is sharing and collecting best practice during the crisis. The coronavirus pandemic affects journalists and media organizations across the globe. Learn more about how to keep your audience informed with these resources.

Radio is very important during emergencies. Broadcasters can keep hard-to reach communities informed and people can tune in while staying at home. Farm Radio International has developed a Broadcaster how-to guide for planning and preparing emergency response programming, which offers good advice for this situation.

The Global Investigative Journalism Network have created tips for journalists covering COVID, available in many languages.

Africa Check is supporting communicators by fact-checking many myths and misconceptions so that misinformation can be stopped before it spreads. Keep up-to-date on the latest.

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