How radio stations can prepare a funding proposal to submit to a donor

Funding is a major issue for many radio stations, and thus for rural communication services as a whole. Farm Radio International has developed many Broadcaster how-to guides to give radio broadcasters tips on different skills that will improve the quality of their broadcasting. Our most recent Broadcaster how-to guide addresses how station management can prepare a funding proposal for a donor – because good finance leads to sustainability, which is

Burkina Faso: Farmers plant trees to protect watercourses from silting up

In the village of Bendougou, about 20 kilometres west of Dédougou in Burkina Faso, 100 fruit trees stretch 500 metres along the banks of the Mouhoun River. Somwaoga François Zida is the owner of the orchard. This morning, he cut branches that had broken during strong winds the day before during the first rainfall. His bright face reflects his joy. He planted the trees to prevent the  soil from washing

The agricultural awakening of Africa: The Berlin meeting paves the way for a sustainable future

Africa, a land of agricultural opportunities, today faces unprecedented challenges. To address these challenges, a major initiative is currently underway in Berlin: the meeting of the 5 Regional Farmer Organizations (RFOs) members of the Panafrican Farmer Organisation (PAFO). This meeting has a key objective: to establish a process for the organizational development (OD) of these farmer organizations, a decisive step towards the consolidation and efficiency of their actions for the

From Bourra to the World: How the onion is redefining cross-border trade

In the heart of the Sahelian region, where climatic and economic challenges shape daily life, a beacon of hope shines in Bourra, Mali. It’s the story of a radical transformation initiated by determined agro-pastoralists aiming to change their destiny. This epic, rooted in the fertile lands of Bourra, is a model of cooperation and innovation, revolutionizing the commercialization of onions in a Mali-Niger cross-border dynamic. The protagonists are members of

Seeds and storage: How radio reduced post-harvest loss of potatoes in Nigeria

Bitrus Gomas used to regularly lose nearly half his produce. The 51-year-old potato farmer lives in Pankshin Local Government Area in Plateau State in central Nigeria. He is married with four children. Mr. Gomas is not alone. In Nigeria, up to 40 per cent of stored potato seeds are lost within the first three months of storage due to inadequate storage conditions. Post-harvest loss (the loss of crops between harvest and

Small-scale farmers use radio and mobile phones to tell decision makers what they need to succeed in a changing climate

Though climate change, food system shocks and inflation are intensifying the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, they want to remain in their homes. According to a report released today, migration is the least viable option for African small-scale farmers. Of the thousands of farmers who participated in the four-country survey, around half also said that affordability, the availability of jobs and access to inputs had improved since

Togolese rice: UGFRTO paves the way for women’s empowerment

Togo’s rice cultivation is experiencing an unparalleled revolution thanks to the Union of Female Rice Producers Groups of Togo (UGFRTO). In the 17th installment of our weekly column “Gems of Family Farms”, we dive into this initiative that goes beyond just boosting agricultural yields. It’s reshaping Togo’s socio-economic landscape, placing women at its core. For those unfamiliar, UGFRTO is a collective organization of women dedicated to rice production in Togo.

Toward harmonious cohabitation between herders and farmers through CNCR's efforts

In Goudiry, nestled within the Tambacounda region and over 600 km away from Dakar, a pressing challenge emerges: how to ensure peaceful coexistence between herders and farmers? Recognizing the gravity of this matter, the Conseil National de Concertation et de Coopération des Ruraux (CNCR) embarked on an initiative, backed in part by the “Joint Sahel Program in Response to the Challenges of COVID-19, Conflicts, and Climate Change (SD3C)”. The CNCR

Take our survey: How would you like to engage with YenKasa Africa?

YenKasa Africa is coordinating an inclusive survey to gain deeper insights into the understanding, needs, and aspirations of rural communication services for both current and future members of the YenKasa Africa Initiative. This survey also aims to fortify our ability to address our partners’ requirements and preferences. Your participation in this survey is of immense value. Your input will not only contribute to the improvement of rural communication services but

Harnessing collective efforts for a resilient agricultural sector in Burkina Faso: New initiatives from the Confédération Paysanne du Faso

The Confédération Paysanne du Faso (CPF), a member of the Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organizations of West Africa (ROPPA), convened an important session of the Cellule d’Analyse des Politiques et d’Etudes Prospectives (CAPEP) on August 24 and 25, 2023, in Koudougou. This meeting signifies a crucial step in CPF’s long-standing fight for inclusive and sustainable agriculture in Burkina Faso.   For over 20 years, CPF has been shaping