Rural communication services for family farming

Rural communication services for family farming

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The Global Action Plan of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming 2019–2028 (UNDFF) recognizes the need to promote rural communication services (RCS) to advance sustainable food systems. RCS comprise demand-led communication processes, media applications and institutional arrangements to respond to the needs of family farmers and rural populations sustainably and inclusively.

This report presents a comprehensive summary of the virtual UNDFF Global Forum on Inclusive Rural Communication Services for Family Farming, which took place on 11 July 2022. Organized by FAO’s Communication for Development (ComDev) team, in collaboration with YenKasa Africa, ComDev Asia, and Onda Rural, the forum marked the global culmination of an extensive consultative process.

The report captures the key outcomes, insights, and strategic recommendations from these global and regional processes, offering guidance for promoting and advancing RCS for family farmers.

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