Farming pays – Graduate Farmer tells the youth

Emmanuel Yaw Asamoah, a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture graduate from the University of College of Agriculture and environmental studies has advocated for more youth to venture into the agricultural sector. According to the 27 year old farmer, the sector is lucrative if given the necessary commitment. In an interview with, Mr. Asamoah said he would therefore recommend farming to every hardworking person and especially the youth as a means

Launch of UNDFF-Yenkasa Campaign Phase II

On 25th November 2021, the Yenkasa Africa team launched the Phase II of the Regional Communication Campaign which focused on promoting the radio magazines produced. In attendance were farmer organizations representatives, FAO, and other Yenkasa partners. During the event we had discussions about the partnerships between farmers’ organizations and community media, giving voices to family farmers, and the presentation of the campaign packages. The speakers during the event were; Silvia

The Launch of the Rural Communication Service Initiative

On 24th November 2021, the Yenkasa Africa team launched the regional survey and e-consultation to get information on the Rural Communication Services in Africa. In attendance were farmer organizations representatives, FAO, and other Yenkasav Africa partners. The event discussed the need to document the Rural Communication Service (RCS) in Africa, experience of organizations in communication for agriculture and rural development in Africa, and how to register in the Community of

Join our Rural Communication Services initiative

To advance our Rural Communication Services initiative, we will be conducting surveys and e-consultations on this platform. We would love for you to share your experiences. To join, simply register on the YenKasa Africa Forum. Learn about the RCS Framework Online consultations. Action research. Knowledge sharing. Join the Rural Communication Services initiative to learn and share your own experience. Join the e-consultation We have five questions for you to learn

A pandemic of misinformation: Radio and COVID-19 in Africa

Watch Farm Radio International’s town hall on COVID-19, misinformation, and the role of radio in Africa. It’s been a year and a half since COVID-19 has changed our lives. Inspired by the good work of radio broadcasters throughout the pandemic, we checked in with our staff and broadcasting partners to find out what the situation is, now. Vaccines are changing the discourse in Africa — but depending on which country

Yenkasa Africa- UNDFF Regional Awareness Campaign 2021

First published July 2021   A new Yenkasa Africa awareness campaign for the UNDFF has been launched by family farmers’ organizations, FAO, and communication networks and institutions. The theme of the campaign is “Family farming at the heart of sustainable food systems” and it focuses on the contribution of family farming in achieving sustainable food systems. In particular, the campaign will give visibility to the progress of the UNDFF through

Family Farming at the heart of Sustainable food systems in Africa

YenKasa Africa would like to invite you to the launch of the “Family Farming at the heart of Sustainable food systems in Africa” Phase II of the UNDFF awareness campaign 2021. As part of its contribution to the UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF), Yenkasa Africa organized phase II of its communication campaign in July 2021 with the goal of addressing family farmers and the general public, and raising awareness

Advancing Inclusive Rural Communication Services in Africa

The YenKasa Africa initiative would like to invite you to join our new Rural Communication Services Initiative and Community of Practice. Yenkasa Africa is committed to advancing rural communication services (RCS) to build resilience amongst family farmers, just one aspect of our campaign on resilient family farming as part of the UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF). We invite you to the launch of the Rural Communication Services Initiative on

World Rural Forum Nov. 23-26

The World Rural Forum is taking place virtually from November 23 to 26. It’s theme is “Family farming at the core of sustainable food systems” and will focus on scaling up the UN Decade of family farming. In the 2021 international agenda on food systems, the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 offers the international community an umbrella to achieve positive change with fair transition in food systems. The UNDFF Global

Digital Advisory Platforms: Fostering Agripreneurship Information Pathways

Join Farm Radio International on November 15, 2021 14h – 15h30 EAT via Zoom: Digital agricultural extension and advisory services play a vital role in the success of agripreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Innovative, information communication and exchange gives farmers and entrepreneurs access to best practices quickly, affordably, and at scale. As the agricultural sector grows in sub-Saharan Africa, extension must grow with it through the integrated use of ICTs,