The future of family farming

The future of family farming

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Why is family farming persisting?

Hybrid event

23 January 2024

2 pm to 5 pm (Rome time)

FAO HQ and Zoom

In the complex scenario of agrifood systems increasingly threatened by interconnected and mutually reinforcing challenges, the often-predicted disappearance of family farmers appears both unrealistic and undesirable, given the productive, social, cultural, and environmental functions that this production model provides.

Small-scale family farmers indeed continue to exist and develop innovative, tailored and locally adapted coping strategies and solutions.

The discussion about the future of family farming will bring together academics, policymakers and family farmers to reflect together on the ways family farmers can be the foundation of sustainable and inclusive agrifood systems that offer new economic opportunities and effective rural services, leaving no one behind.

Simultaneous interpretation available in English, French and Spanish

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