1st La Vía Campesina Women School

1st La Vía Campesina Women School

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From March 8 to 14, the 1st La Vía Campesina Women School was held in Maputo, Mozambique. This school had enormous political importance, with about 60 women from 39 countries and all 10 regions.

The school provided a space for collective political debate on how to organise peasant women in the territories, how to celebrate our victories, how to increase their participation and leadership within our global movement, and how to construct popular peasant feminism as a tool to advance our collective rights.

“We are the women who defend their territories, the women who plant and who promote the construction of Food Sovereignty in their day-to-day activities, surely we will leave here much stronger to continue sowing resistance in all our countries and continents,” stated Itelvina Massioli of the Pedagogical Policy Coordination of the School.

See clips and images from the event: https://vimeo.com/837531364

Read the interactive story: https://stories.viacampesina.org/8m23-mobilizations-EN/