Tips for engaging women in your radio program

Tips for engaging women in your radio program

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Women play a central role in families, communities, and societies. But women and girls face struggles every day simply because of their gender. They may be limited in what resources they can access, where they can farm, if they can go to school, and what they can eat. In many places, women do not have control over the crops they grow or even their own bodies. It’s important to share the stories, voices, and opinions of women to shed light on these struggles and help find solutions.

But it’s a good idea to engage women in your program every week, not just on special occasions. Here are some tips from Farm Radio International’s broadcasting partners on how to engage women in a radio program and how to address gender equality on air.

  • Dedicate a program to women’s issues.
  • Invite men to talk about women’s successes.
  • Choose topics that both women and men are interested in.
  • Air your program at a time when women are listening and in the language they prefer.
  • Have a woman host / member of the production team.
  • Make women comfortable when they participate in your interviews.
  • Use a separate phone line for women callers.
  • Keep track of the voices shared.
  • Watch out for gender stereotypes.
  • Consult a gender expert.
  • Make the program entertaining!

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And for more tips, read Farm Radio’s Broadcaster how-to guide on How to serve your women farmers well. (This document is also available in Amharic, Kenyan Swahili, Swahili, Hausa, and Portuguese.)