Togolese rice: UGFRTO paves the way for women’s empowerment

Togolese rice: UGFRTO paves the way for women’s empowerment

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Togo’s rice cultivation is experiencing an unparalleled revolution thanks to the Union of Female Rice Producers Groups of Togo (UGFRTO). In the 17th installment of our weekly column “Gems of Family Farms”, we dive into this initiative that goes beyond just boosting agricultural yields. It’s reshaping Togo’s socio-economic landscape, placing women at its core.

For those unfamiliar, UGFRTO is a collective organization of women dedicated to rice production in Togo. Its prime mission is to promote quality rice cultivation, ensuring that the benefits are fairly distributed among its members. In essence, it’s a movement aiming to empower the often marginalized women, providing them economic autonomy.

Rice, a staple food for billions worldwide, is more than just a grain here. It stands as a symbol of determination, resilience, and progress. Under UGFRTO’s banner, Togolese women have seized the chance to transform a traditional crop into a bona fide profitable enterprise. They’re now in charge not only of cultivation but also processing, marketing, and distributing the rice.

The ripple effect of this initiative runs deep. By taking charge of the rice value chain, women witness a significant uptick in their incomes. This newfound financial surge enables them to cater to their families’ needs, invest in their children’s education, access appropriate medical care, and reach other vital resources. Moreover, they now have the power to make economic decisions, bolstering their societal stance, breaking the shackles of stereotypes and inequalities.

But UGFRTO transcends economics. It’s a women-for-women movement. Through their actions, these rice growers are showcasing to the younger generation what’s achievable when they unite for a shared purpose. UGFRTO’s members have become beacons of inspiration, role models proving change is attainable even in traditionally male-dominated realms.

ROPPA, a privileged witness to this transformation, acknowledges and cherishes UGFRTO’s profound impact on women’s lives and Togolese society at large. Farming isn’t merely about cultivation and harvest. It’s a potent tool to spur socio-economic development, and with UGFRTO’s aid, Togo is on a trailblazing path favoring gender equity.

For those eager to delve deeper into this heartening tale and meet the women behind UGFRTO, we invite you to download the full feature on our platform: IMPROVING WOMEN’S INCOME THROUGH RICE PRODUCTION BY UGFRTO

These narratives epitomize strength, determination, and a vision for a brighter future, fueled by rice and steered by audacious women.


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