Triumph of solidarity in the three-borders zone of Burkina Faso

Triumph of solidarity in the three-borders zone of Burkina Faso

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In the heart of Burkina Faso, the National Federation of Cooperative Societies of Livestock Farmers of Burkina Faso (SCOOP-CA/FEB) stands out as a beacon of resilience and harmony, showcasing the transformative power of social engineering in resolving community conflicts related to the exploitation of natural resources. It is with immense pleasure that we share this inspiring story in the 24th issue of our weekly column ” Gems of Family Farms” a true ode to cooperation and social peace. The exploitation of natural resources, vital for the survival and development of local communities, proves to be fertile ground for conflicts. The Three-Borders Zone, with its diverse ethnic groups and diverging interests, is no exception to this reality. However, SCOOP-CA/FEB has managed to establish a climate of peace and cooperation through mediation mechanisms and dialogue respectful of local traditions and customs.

Community leaders such as Hama Hamadou and Boureima KINDO attest to the significant impact of these initiatives, which have not only eased tensions but have also helped forge bonds of solidarity and mutual respect between farmers and herders. The technical and financial support of SCOOP-CA/FEB, highlighted by Amadou Tamboura, has been a key factor in this success. These conflict resolution mechanisms are rooted in a deep understanding of local social dynamics while incorporating key actors such as livestock organizations and technical services. The practice of parenté à plaisanterie, a unique social practice in Burkina Faso, also plays a crucial role in consolidating peace and social cohesion.

However, challenges persist, requiring constant vigilance and ongoing adaptation of strategies. The loss of legitimacy of some traditional chiefs, broader conflicts, and political and social pressures represent challenges to overcome in order to ensure the sustainability of these initiatives. SCOOP-CA/FEB, through its commitment and approach based on respect and solidarity, offers an inspiring model for the peaceful management of natural resources. It demonstrates that it is possible, even in complex contexts, to transform conflicts into opportunities for peace and development.

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