Using radio to inspire poachers to become conservationists

Using radio to inspire poachers to become conservationists

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Interestingly, Andrew Maimisa is not a COMACO farmer but an ardent follower and listener of COMACO’s Farm Talk radio program. “I listen to COMACO programs on radio Breeze FM and I have heard testimonies from a lot of farmers that have had their lives transformed because of the work COMACO does to empower rural farmers. I also want to be part of this winning team; I am old and I have realized that I need to channel my remaining energy into farming and not go into the bush to hunt game illegally. After listening to many testimonies from transformed poachers shared on Farm Talk radio and learning that my Zambia earns a lot of forex from tourists who visit to see our wild animals, it convinced me to voluntarily give up my firearm” Maimisa said.


He further urged to COMACO to help him with beehives so that he can now concentrate on beekeeping and soybeans farming. And receiving the surrendered firearm from COMACO, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife area warden Erastus Kancheya, thanked COMACO for the good incentives that they continue to give to farmers who in turn and, motivate poachers to quit have become friends of wildlife. “As the DNPWL, we are humbled to have a partner like COMACO who are helping reduce the levels of poaching in Zambia. My appeal goes to those that still have firearms and traps to take them to COMACO or to surrender them at any of our provincial offices.”Kancheya said. He further warned those that are still in the habit of poaching that their time will come and that the long arm of the law will take its course.

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