World Rural Forum Nov. 23-26

World Rural Forum Nov. 23-26

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The World Rural Forum is taking place virtually from November 23 to 26. It’s theme is “Family farming at the core of sustainable food systems” and will focus on scaling up the UN Decade of family farming.

In the 2021 international agenda on food systems, the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 offers the international community an umbrella to achieve positive change with fair transition in food systems. The UNDFF Global Action Plan-built upon a wide consensus, provides a series of comprehensive actions, from the global, regional to the local levels, to address the challenges and opportunities of family farming.

The Global Conference on Family Farming and Food Systems will seek to scale up the implementation of the UNDFF 2019-2028 towards more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and viable food systems, contributing directly to the achievement of the SDGs.

The final day of the conference will include a high-level panel on Scaling up the UN Decade of Family Farming and a presentation on the Role of Communication in Family Farming, which will include presentations from YenKasa Africa, Onda rural, and ComDev Asia.

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