June 2019

Solar Power and Agriculture: Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS)

A good irrigation system promotes better agricultural practice, which further adds to eliminating zero hunger. Solar power is a growing means of generating energy and power supply. Thus, in agriculture, solar power has become increasingly necessary for irrigation as a reliable, clean-energy solution for agricultural water management, especially in areas with high incident solar radiation. The core reason for using solar power/ the sun for irrigation is because, crops need

Community radio stations unite to build peace

The first phase of the UMOJA – Radio for peace project was a huge success. The team started the second phase with in-house trainings. Two days with the whole staff of the radio station. One day is dedicated to conflict related topics and the other day is used for the training on journalistic skills: Interview-technics, feature-writing, fact-checking, content production. Again this phase started with a meeting of all the station

Radio Baré-Bakem on spotlight at the 2019 Moungo Festival

This Proximity Radio station accompanied all the activities of the first edition of the Moungo Festival held from 16 to 20 April 2019. Also called “The Voice of Diversity”, this community station located in the Baré-Bakem subdivision, Moungo division in the Littoral region in Cameroon, obtained its broadcast permit in 2002 under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cameroon Ministry of Communication, UNDP and the National Governance Programme. It has

FAO searching for Communication for Rural Development Specialist

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Partnerships Division (PSP) is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the identification, strengthening and stewardship of strategic partnerships with non-state actors, including parliamentarians, civil society, private sector, academia and research institutions, family farmers’ and indigenous peoples’ organizations, to facilitate delivery of FAO’s strategic objectives (SOs), and field programme by fostering dialogue, developing capacities, scaling up programmes and advocating for FAO’s corporate positions.


The Global Launch of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming was held in Rome on Wednesday 29 May 2019, co-organized by FAO and IFAD as the Joint Secretariat of the UN Decade. The launch brought together farmers’ organizations, policymakers and many non-governmental organizations. A GLOBAL ACTION PLAN TO WORK TOGETHER FOR COMMON GOALS Through a Global Action Plan, the UNDFF provides detailed guidance for the international community on collective,