A communication platform to boost production and sale of farm produce

A communication platform to boost production and sale of farm produce

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Farmers’ Corner Community is all about developing an agricultural information-driven community platform for all players in agribusiness
space within Nigeria and other African countries where there will be an easy and seamless exchange of ideas, solutions to problems, research reports, updates on new seeds and cultivars varieties, policies, procedures, compliance and others.

Our community platform on https://farmerscornerng.com was developed to fill the wide communication gap between all players
(governments, researchers, seed and technology companies, extension officers, consultants, farmers and other agribusiness operators) in agribusiness with structure of community forum in categories.

Through the above structure, farm operators/producers are expected to have a better yield at the end of their production period and upload farm produce on the marketplace for potential buyers (local and international) to offer better deals.

Agricultural consultants or experts are expected to share their technical ‘know-how to’ with farm operators/producers and guide them on possible best practices in every line of farm production. Likewise, agricultural services and solution companies are expected to advertise their products and share user guides to their target audience (farmers, agropreneurs and others) for best output.

Through the community social media, we have been able to enlighten, engage and involve lots of African youths in agribusiness, not limited to farming, through which we invite them to sign up for a free account on our community platform.

The testimonies of our community members and followers have always encouraged us to continue with the work. Through our online communications and our efforts to develop an information-driven community, we are linking agribusiness operators in Nigeria with other
African countries. Through our community work, we have been able to establish relationships with many key players in agribusiness industry within and outside of Nigeria.

The financial challenges we face are not only limited to lack of cooperation from governments, parastatals, organizations and individuals, but also on financial support through donations.

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