A young Ghanaian woman earning a living from shea products

A young Ghanaian woman earning a living from shea products

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Rita Adibamoli is a 24-year-old Ghanaian woman from Kasena Nankana Abarjawe district of Ghana who has made a good livelihood from soap-making with shea product. In Kasena Nankana Baobab Cooperative Union (KANBAOCU), FAO’s Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) initiative funded a training for young people to develop skills in making soap from shea and to encourage entrepreneurship.

This is how Rita gained the knowledge and interest to use soap making to earn a living. Before this turning point, Rita was financially  supporting her family solely through making shea butter. Even though this put food on their table, it was not enough for Rita and her family to survive on. Since Rita was training in making soap with shea produce and went into the business of producing and selling the soap, her financing has improved tremendously.


She sells her produce to retail shops, households and in local markets after production, and has been able earn money to support her family and pay her children’s school fees. Rita says her target now is to produce quality shea and baobab-based cosmetic products for both the local and international markets, thanks to the FFF project.

The FFF has boosted the livelihoods on Rita Adibamoli and others who went through the process. Now they can not only make more income for themselves, but also pass down this knowledge to others.


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