FACTSHEET                                                                                                                                SOCIAL MEDIA CARD    Click HERE to download the factsheet                  Click HERE to download the card RADIO SYNOPSIS Radio: Koch FM, Ruben FM  Language of Production: Swahili  Duration: 10m53’  Short description of the Radio feature The radio magazine production focused on educating the audiences on the definition of family farming. The importance of family farming to the families at the community level. Also looking at how family farming

Campaign Materials: PHASE II

You are welcome to make use of the campaign materials available here. Campaign Materials RADIO MAGAZINES, FACTSHEETS AND SOCIAL MEDIA CARDS.                                         KENYA                                                                                                            GHANA                                                                                            

Supporting young farmers through a farmer’s organization

Madagascar’s young farmers included in reforestation processes and have improved their livelihoods Young farmers in Analamanga region, central Madagascar are now getting involved in reforestation and agroecological practice more than ever before. This is thanks to the organized technical and field trainings on resilient agriculture, water management and soil fertility management organized with the Syndicate des Organisations Agricoles (SOA)-Mitsinjo. SOA-Mitsinjo is supported by the national syndicate of producer’s organizations in

FAO e-learning courses: Sustainable Food Systems

The FAO e-learning Academy published a series of three courses on Sustainable Food Systems, designed collaboratively with One Planet Network’s Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme, to equip you with the knowledge and tools required to apply systems thinking to complex food systems challenges in an integrated manner. The course series highlights how systems thinking and taking a sustainable food systems approach, can help to significantly improve our work in project

Campaign Materials: PHASE I

You are welcome to make use of the campaign materials available here.   Campaign Materials BACKGROUNDER This document contains details about the campaign. To download, Click HERE                 CAMPAIGN VIDEO To download the video, Click HERE RADIO TEASER   HUMAN INTEREST STORIES   Tanzania: How rural radio has improved farming for Tanzanian farmers Kenya: A Kenyan producers’ organization helps a farmer’s avocado business

Exchange meeting: "UNDFF Action Plans: a pathway for food systems transformation in Africa"

The World Rural Forum with the financial support of the European Union and in collaboration with FAO is organizing the exchange session, titled “UNDFF Action Plans: a pathway for food systems transformation in Africa”. The online event will be held on the 23rd of June 2021 at 11:00 GMT+2 (Madrid, Spain). This exchange session will explore the different opportunities and challenges in the development and implementation of UNDFF National and

A young Ghanaian woman earning a living from shea products

Rita Adibamoli is a 24-year-old Ghanaian woman from Kasena Nankana Abarjawe district of Ghana who has made a good livelihood from soap-making with shea product. In Kasena Nankana Baobab Cooperative Union (KANBAOCU), FAO’s Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) initiative funded a training for young people to develop skills in making soap from shea and to encourage entrepreneurship. This is how Rita gained the knowledge and interest to use soap making