Join the UNDFF radio campaign!

Join the UNDFF radio campaign!

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The YenKasa Africa radio campaign to celebrate the UN Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF) has been launched!

This campaign includes materials about the importance of family farmers, background information on the UNDFF, and information about how farmers can stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These materials and key messages were developed by the partners in the YenKasa Africa initiative, including FAO and regional farmers organizations like the Pan-African Farmers Organizations, La Via Campesina, PROPAC, and ROPPA. Farm Radio International has invited their radio network of 1,000 broadcasting partners to join the campaign and become a Voice for Family Farmers.

The UN is recognizing 2019 to 2028 as the Decade of Family Farming. Family farmers are more important now than ever. They are essential for food security, nutrition, environmental protection, and a vibrant economy. During the current coronavirus pandemic, strong food systems are vital. Yet while family farmers are essential for feeding communities, many face challenges accessing markets, urban consumers, and the inputs they need. Many also face challenges accessing the information they need on the new coronavirus.

These themes resonate with the YenKasa Africa partners and came through strongly during the participatory design process for this radio campaign.

This decade-long campaign will share information and resources about:

  • Youth and women farmers
  • Farmers’ organizations
  • The benefits of family farming, including diversity, innovation, and job creation
  • The richness and diversity of local agriculture
  • The challenges and importance of marketing
  • The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on local farmers, their production, and local food supply
  • The information needs of family farmers, particularly during crises
  • Increasing family farmers’ resilience
  • Family farmers as change agents
  • Farmers’ right to access information to improve their lives and livelihoods

Farm Radio International is sharing radio campaign materials linked to the UNDFF so that radio stations can easily broadcast programs, segments, and spots about the campaign. These materials include a backgrounder with information on the UNDFF, as well as several scripts and stories that address related topics. Farm Radio International has also drafted radio spots that broadcasters can easily share during each week’s farmer program or as promos at other times of the day. Read the Broadcaster how-to guide for tips on using these radio spots.

To accompany these resources, we are sharing profiles of regional farmers’ organizations and contact lists so they can arrange interviews.

Radio stations can be champions for family farmers. By joining this campaign, they commit to being the Voice for Family Farmers: inviting farmers to speak on their radio programs and to shape the topics  discussed on the programs. Radio stations can ensure that family farmers have the information they need to make good decisions that improve their lives and livelihoods. They can also connect family farmers with farmer organizations, market actors, and policy-makers.

Radio stations can be the Voice for Family Farmers by:

  • broadcasting the radio spots and other resources;
  • airing the voices of farmers and their issues;
  • putting farmer priorities at the core of their programming;
  • promoting themselves as the voice of family farmers.

Signal your support for the campaign. Click here to register your participation.

Or, if you are already participating, tell us! Participants will receive a certificate and have the opportunity to win prizes.

This campaign will be broadcast across African radio stations between August and World Food Day, Oct. 16, each year during the UNDFF. So stay tuned!

Click here to access the campaign materials:


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