Lexicon of radio program production terms

Lexicon of radio program production terms

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Farm Radio International has developed a list of commonly used radio program production terms in North America, and a few other terms that are used at Farm Radio International that might be useful in understanding how to produce effective radio programs for a variety of audiences. African broadcasters have also revised and included terminology common to their work. Its purpose is to provide guidance and clarity both for FRI team members, and also for rural African broadcasters interested in improving their service to listeners.

Radio program production includes the skills, activities and resources involved in the creation of:

  • a radio station program schedule, which is made up of:
    • radio programs, which are made up of:
      • episodes, which are divided into
        • segments, which are made up of:
          • radio program elements/formats.

The lexicon includes:

  • the name of each term defined,
  • its definition and, where appropriate,
  • a tip for broadcasters about how the term can be used to effect.

Access the lexicon and other training materials from Farm Radio here: https://training.farmradio.fm/lexicon-of-radio-program-production-terms/