Uliza: Farm Radio’s Listener Interactivity Services

Uliza: Farm Radio's Listener Interactivity Services

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What is Uliza?
Swahili for “ask,” Uliza was first developed as a tool for audience polling. It has since evolved into a suite of services that combine radio, mobile phones and, often, interactive voice response systems to enable listeners to communicate and exchange information with their radio station quickly, easily and free of charge.

How does it help?
Broadcasters access audience data in real time through Uliza’s digital dashboard, which helps them better understand their listeners, gather feedback, access listener-generated content and provide information and services that help their listeners.


So far, more than 70 of our radio partners have used Uliza to interact with more than 210,000 individual listeners.

Learn how Uliza works.

Learn how Farm Radio used Uliza the RECOVER project to support farmers in 7 countries and 20 value chains. Francelina Jose is one of farmer in who called into programs on Gandwa Radio — and through them got answers about her farming questions. Her calls were among the 84,000 interactions with Farm Radio’s Uliza programs in Mozambique.